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Here you will find some quite interesting articles on progressive science topics and important discoveries.

Closeup of Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland - How to Activate Your Third Eye

This article discusses exactly what the Pineal Gland is, its relationship with what is known as the Third Eye, and practical tips on how to unlock it's hidden abilities.

Finger switching on light on iPad

Meditation Can Change Your Brain

Scientists have developed a more thorough understanding of what’s taking place in our brains when we meditate and there are real, measurable, physical changes that take place in the brain.

Abstract illustration of shapes

Remote Viewing & the Possibilities of Consciousness

An article on the possibility of the 'impossible' in regards to remote viewing and consciousness, citing a few points from Jim Schnabel's book 'The Secret of American Spies'.

Man and woman illustration with inuitive sensors highlighted

Intuition & Human Sensing Systems

This article outlines the science behind intuition 'psychic' ability, physical intuition receptors, the role of the pineal gland and human semaphore capacities for promoting intuitive abilities.

Very closeup picture of an eye

Mind Over Mood: Feeling Better by Thinking Better

An article by David Ruben on how you can control your emotions and mood by changing the way you think at a deeper level.

Microscopic image of a virus cell

The Immune System and Stress

This article describes the truth about the relationship between the immune system and emotional stress. By David Ruben.

People laughing

Anger slows healing process after injury: study

Official study reveals that anger has a negative effect on the body's healing ability after an injury and that laughter is thebest medicine.

Illustration of hands radiating energy

The Relation of Energy to the Physical & Non-Physical

A reflection on energy and the nature of existence.

Powerpoint front slide

Energy - A Physicists View (Powerpoint Presentation)

A Physicists View (Powerpoint by Vic Stenger) on the 'nature of things' and how energy is central to everything as we know it and sometimes don't know it.

Original article in the Sun Herald

Hypnosis & Chronic Fatigue Success Story (Case Study)

How hypnosis can be used to treat and minimize the side effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This article follows the amazing story of a lady and her son who experienced some miraculous results.

Abstract electrical image

Consciousness & Technology (Powerpoint Document)

An interesting Power Point slideshow illustrating the complexities that science and technology can have towards the greater consiousness of the population.