Free Hypnosis MP3 Session

Free 10 Minute Hypnosis Recording by Rick Collingwood

If you would like to experience the sensation of hypnosis right now please click on the video below, sit back or lie comfortably and just relax. This free hypnosis session WILL NOT make you go to sleep or become subject to anyone's power or suggestion. It is completely safe and it is very good to calm a stressed mind.

Rick Collingwood is from the school of traditional hypnosis. The effects you should experience are simply a detached state of awareness and a warm feeling of deep relaxation. This state of mind is clinically proven to be beneficial to introduce more positive and better ways of doing things into your life permanently.

Hypnosis has been around for centuries and was actually first documented in a primitive format by the ancient Egyptian civilization. There are more then 100 000 academic research papers published on hypnosis and hypnotherapy (hypnosis used for therapy purposes).