Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni Lordi has produced over 100 self-hypnosis albums, authored the book 'The ToolBox 4 Life' & appeared on numerous international media shows as a guest speaker. He is an experienced hypnotherapist, as well as having been trained in mesmerism, reiki, NLP & TFT. Giovanni is also the owner of Resonanz Recordings - the record label for all the albums on Mind Motivations.

Giovanni's most notable media appearances have been 2 interviews with George Noory on the internationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM listened to by more than 1 million people in September 2012 and 2014. He has also been a guest speaker on other radio shows including the Kevin Cook Show, Warren Xchange radio, as well as many live seminars such as Inner Compass, Manifest Everything Now & Awakening to Abundance.

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