Mesmerism Articles

All articles about the founder of Mesmerism, Anton mesmer as well as the practice of the modality in a clinical environment.

Historical Press of Mesmer's Burial

Some rare original photos from the commissioning of Anton Mesmer's monument in Meersburg, Germany.

The Commissionaire's Reports Into The Effectiveness and Existence of Mesmerism

A breakdown of the reports submitted by the Commissionaire about Mesmerism, Animal Magnetism and the healing capabilities of Anton Mesmer - by Rick Collingwood.

Anton Mesmer: History of Mesmerism & the Beginnings of Hypnosis

An accurate essay on the life and times of Franz Anton Mesmer and his discovery and development of Animal Magnetism.

A Reflection From Rick...

A reflection by Rick Collingwood about hypnosis and his long involvement in the profession.

When Hypnosis is not Hypnosis, Particularly Ericksonian

Hypnosis is shrouded in misconceptions and age old myths. This article is about what true hypnosis really is and what it really isn't.

The Past Masters of Mesmerism & Hypnosis

A comprehensive account of the significant historical figures who shaped Mesmerism into modern hypnosis including Mesmer, Esdaille, and Erickson.