09th July 2020


Can hypnosis be used to assist me in improving my life? This is a question has been asked of professionals more times than they can count, and the reason is pretty simple. At the end of this article, a recommendation will be made for an excellent website to go to for learning more about hypnosis.

To put it in simple terms, a hypnotist is an expert who has a lot of experience and knowledge about hypnosis. He or she usually has worked with a variety of different people, ranging from business professionals to celebrities. This is an individual who knows how to do what needs to be done when it comes to hypnosis, and this is why I am writing this article.

A person who has successfully used hypnosis for some time will know all the path ways  to using it to improve your life. In order to help you gain the much-needed self-confidence and self-esteem, he or she will use certain techniques such as covert hypnosis, affirmation and suggestion. It is an art form , which requires skill, A true therapist , does not think , they just do , not working of scripts but more so the inner resources with in them and some would say the channelling of knowing.

The whole story of hypnosis as far as it is concerned can be summed up in just two words - positive affirmations. A positive affirmation is simply a statement that conveys a feeling, thought or message. But this is not truly correct , it is knowing the language and riddle of the subconscious to accept and action change , you can use affirmation to convenience yourself , but when you affirm , you are continuing to be or do , something attached to your identity it is more powerful.

For example, if you are having problems with confidence, a hypnosis expert will use the statement "I'm confident". Now, if you read the sentence again and thought about how good you are, will you believe this is the real message? or a more powerful way would be , I am continuing to be more and more confident every day. This affirms a part of your identity and character you are continuing to improve on!

The conscious mind is a powerful tool (decision maker and goal setter), but it's limited in comparison to the subconscious mind, which holds the true power of hypnosis. It is the subconscious mind, which will tell you whether you should believe something or not and will only conform and act on high emotion commands or firm decision from the conscious mind with great passion to do whatever it takes.

The subconscious mind will be far more powerful than the conscious mind because the subconscious will possess the real power to hypnotize you. This is why hypnosis has been so effective in assisting individuals to change their lives. However, hypnosis is not the only thing that a hypnotist uses to achieve this goal, because they also use positive affirmations and then suggest messages to you through suggestion, which allows you to view them in a different way. Once the messages are relayed to you, it becomes your subconscious mind that is interpreting them.


The effects of hypnosis are not just limited to improving your life, but it also allows you to improve other aspects of your life. Hypnosis has helped many people in giving them a boost in confidence, confidence can help give them a better lifestyle, and they are happier with their lives. Including mind body connections of healing. What the heart feels the mind will see and body will store (stress causing illness).

Hypnosis is all about bringing about the real inner self. What is meant by this is that it forces you to believe a specific statement or set of beliefs, which allows you to believe in things that you weren't aware of before you went under hypnosis. Another big part about hypnosis it allows you to evolve and make changes to your identity and character , so you don’t get stuck in time, which is where most issues are from , being stuck in a past event which affects every part of you. Mediation is our reflective side to view evaluate and make decisions, our hypnosis side is action heading to a new way and change. e.g. look at your character sad , find the faults and things which require changing or adjusting. Make the decision.. Switch to the hypnotic side and make it happen..

Hypnotized people of all ages and sexes is possible, and as a result, hypnotists have found that no two people are alike. There are many people out there who can use hypnosis to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

Remember, that even though you may have a lot of negative thoughts running through your head and may have lots of negative energy building up inside of you, hypnosis is a process, not an event. Therefore, don't ever stop being happy and positive because that's the first thing that a hypnotist is looking for is happiness! To move from the place you are to a place you want to be, the improved you!

A Question to ask yourself, Let’s say , you are unhappy , you will get used to unhappy and it will become a reality , which when denial sets in , so if you’re not unhappy , what will you feel , think and act like? This is where true creation starts.

If you are looking for help with hypnosis for all kinds of things like weight loss, insomnia, happiness, to quit smoking, being creative, stress relief, confidence, and so much more go to Mind Motivations – helping people with hypnosis since 1996. Visit their website at to find out more. You will be happy that you did!

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