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Mind Motivations Hypnosis and Meditation App Released on the App Store & Google Play

Mind Motivations is excited to announce the launch of our new mobile app, now available for both Apple and Android users.

Rick On The Aware Show With Lisa Garr 2015

On June 16th 2015, Rick was a guest on the very popular Aware Show 'Radiant Body' Teleminar series hosted by Lisa Garr.

Nightwatch Radio Interview June 2015

On the 2nd June 2015 I was a guest on the popular talkback show 'Nightwatch Radio', talking about hypnosis & other alternative topics.

Rick Collingwood Coast to Coast AM 2014

Rick's 4th appearance on the widely listened to Coast to Coast AM was entitled 'Hypnosis & Evil Spirits. For his 1 hour long slot, Rick spoke about some of the more ethereal elements of hypnotism.

Mel's Got A New Lethal Weapon

Rick teaches Mel Gibson hypnosis for 10 days at his Malibu home. Report by the USA's National Enquirer Magazine.

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Giovanni Lordi Interview on Inception Radio With Kevin Cook Oct 2012

On the 30th of October Giovanni was interviewed by Kevin Cook, on his show for the Inception Radio Network - audio from show available here.

Giovanni Lordi Coast to Coast Am Radio Interview

On September 23rd 2012 Giovanni was interviewed on the incredibly popular radio show Coast to Coast Am with George Noory. It was broadcast to over 2 million people for about an hour.

Rick Collingwood Teleseminar March 20th 2012 - Energized Living

Rick is going to be a part of the upcoming Energized Living Teleseminar by Cindy Kubica.

Rick Teaches Mel Gibson Hypnosis

Perth Now - Rick Collingwood Teaches Mel Gibson Hypnosis

Rick in Media Week Magazine

Media Week Magazine catches up with Rick for an article in their "Entertainment Buzz" section about hypnosis and how Rick's Life Improvement Hypnotherapy CDs work.

Complement It Cancer Article

Rick is interviewed for the West Australian Newspaper Mind and Body section by Wendy Prior. The article is on the use of complementing other therapies with hypnosis.

Kelly Sports Magazine

In this interview Rick discusses his Children's Sleep Story CDs in the magazine's 'Parents Pages' section. He talks about how the CDs work, his inspirations for making them and also gives some examples about how they have helped different children.

Aware Show Telesminar

Rick was a special featured guest in the Aware Show's "Connecting Science and Spirituality" teleseminar series.

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Rick Collingwood Hypnosis for Charity

Rick volunteers his time to do a fun stage hypnosis show for a charity fundraiser for the Princess Margaret Children's Hospital.

Rick - Coast to Coast AM 3/10/2010

Rick Collingwood features in the Intuition and Hypnosis show on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory.

Rick - Coast to Coast 7th July 2010

In the first hour, renowned hypnotist Rick Collingwood talked about his work with Mel Gibson and how hypnotism can be used to eliminate anger. Collingwood, who is credited with having trained Gibson to become a hypnotist, was reticent to comment extensively on the star's recent scandal.

Rick - Coast to Coast AM May 30th 2010

Ian Punnett welcomed renowned hypnosis trainer Rick Collingwood, who discussed the science behind hypnotism, how it can be seen in everyday life, and the medicinal benefits of the practice. In the first hour, Ian chatted with Martin Richard, a former F-15 fighter pilot who was scrambled during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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Rick Collingwood Appears on the Morning Show

Rick appears on the Morning Show with Larry and Kylie. He puts three of the crew under hypnosis to help them individually with weight loss, not speaking so much and also masculinity issues.

Rick Collingwood Appears on the Daily Express UK

Rick Collingwood meets with and hypnotises UK Daily Express journalist Lara Ellington-Brown live on video in demonstration of the power of hypnosis with a fimed hypnotic session.

Rick Collingwood on 9AM with Dave & Kim (2nd Time)

Rick demonstrates how hypnotherapy can help overcome fears, especially the fear of spiders by illustrating this through a guest subject on the show.

(Unfortunately this video is no longer available)

Rick Collingwood Article in Take 5 Magazine

Read how Rick Collingwood's Weight Loss and Appetite Control CD helped Sandey lose more than 30kg.

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Rick Collingwood on IRIE Radio in US

Rick entertains the crew at IRIE including popular presenter 'Bulldog' by demonstrating on all the announcers how you can have some fun with hypnosis.

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Rick Collingwood on FHM

Rick puts a FHM video presenter under hypnosis in response to a reader challenge to see if the presenter could be hypnotised.

Pet Music CDs Featured in Your Cat UK Magazine

Resonanz Recordings new Music For Pets CDs have been featured in the UK's largest cat magazine: Your Cat. Rick Collingwood discusses how the special frequencies and music on the CDs is beneficial for cats and other animals.

Eluv album nominated for award

Eluv's debut guided meditation CD, Chakra Guided Meditation and Visualization, is nominated for award in best Self Help Album category by Just Plain Folks (JPF).

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Rick Collingwood on Hot FM Radio Bunbury

Rick does a bit of humorous hypnosis to the crew from Bunbury's HOT FM radio show. At one stage he makes the presenter pretend that he is a seagull. The results are fascinating!

Riding for a Three-peat

Two-time Amgen Tour of California champion Levi Leipheimer wants a third victory. By Rick Scott For the second consecutive year, Levi Leipheimer will start the Amgen Tour of California as defending champion. The California resident who calls Santa Rosa home enters the 2009 season with two specific goals: the Amgen Tour of California and July’s Tour de France.

Rick Collingwood Official Hypnotist for Ipswich FC

Rick Collingwood is now the official team hypnotist for the Ipswich FC, oir the Traxtor Boys as they are known locally.

Rick Collingwood Herald Sun Article

Rick Collingwood discusses the mysticisms and the truth behind hypnosis in this article in the Herald Sun newspaper by Bob Hart.

Levi Leipheimer Article on Ultimate Cyclist CD

Rick Collingwood's Ultimate Cyclist CD is featured as part of an article for Olympic Medal winni

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Rick Collingwood on A Current Affair TV Show

Rick is put to the test to help ACA's producer quit smoking through hypnotherapy. He also demonstrates using hypnosis to help a subject overcome depression through hypnosis also.

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Rick Collingwood on 9AM With Dave and Kim

Rick talks to Dave and Kim about the truth behind hypnosis and how it works.

Cycling Magazine Dirt Rag Review

Dirt Rag magazine’s Karen Brooks reviews the Ultimate Cyclist CD by Rick Collingwood. This is a sports improvement CD for cycling, jointly developed by Josh Horowitz (USCF coach) and Rick.

Rick's CDs Receive 6 ARIA Records

Rick Collingwood's CDs have achieved 2 prestigous Platinum ARIA Record Awards and 4 Gold Records for the 2008 ARIA accreditation charts.

Rick Collingwood Hypno-Diet Article in the Enquirer

Rick speaks to Nicole Moyne from the UK's Enquirer Newspaper, to provide his input on the new Hypno-Diet daze sweeping the world and explain how it all works.

World Champion Cyclist uses Hypnosis

Pez Cycling Josh’s Horowitz sat down with Levi Leipheimer to discuss his mental approach to racing and its evolution over his career. Levi reveals Rick Collingwood’s Ultimate Cyclist CD is an integral part of psychological preparation to gain the mental edge in his races.

Rick Collingwood on MTV Europe

Rick Collingwood appears on <strong>MTV Europe's "Thou Shall Entertain Us"</strong> hosted by OJ.

Rick Collingwood Stonnington Leader Article

Stonnington Leader Article - an insight into Rick Collingwood's beliefs on hypnosis and how he started in the field.

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Rick Collingwood on ManCow Radio

On this video Bobnoxious Minifreak Marissa and Al from the Mancow Radio Show Chicago get hypnotised by Rick Collingwood and proceed to do some quite strange things...

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Rick Collingwood on Brisbane Extra TV

Rick discusses his Quit Smoking and Weight Loss CDs, and is joined by others who have successfully used the CDs as well as a doctor and some other hypnotists who sheds some light on how it works and the un-substantiated mysticism that surrounds it.

Resonanz Recordings Sponsor v8 Super Car

Resonanz Recordings are now sponsoring the Britek Ford Racing Team and their Fujitsu v8 super cars.

Conscious Living Cancer Article

Rick discusses his Hypnosis and Cancer trial results with Iolande Skinner from Conscious Living Magazine.

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Rick Collingwood on KTLA Los Angeles

Rick makes a guest appearance on KTLAs Morning Show in Los Angeles. In this video Rick hypnotises a guest on stage who happens to be a somnambulist

Lose Weight In Your Sleep ABC News

Rick Collingwood is interviewed by ABC News on hypnosis and weight loss.

Hypnotism Joins Cancer Fight Article

The West Australian News Paper follows up on one of the patients participating in Rick Collingwood's Hypnosis and Cancer trial showing some remarkable success with the program.

Rick Collingwood Defends Accusations

West Australian Newspaper article on how Rick Collingwood defends allegations by Cathy O’Leary.

Embedded thumbnail for Rick Collingwood on ABC&amp;#039;s Can We Help?

Rick Collingwood on ABC's Can We Help?

Rick leaves a fascinating insight into the true capabilities of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in this video. At one stage he was able to increase the subjects heart rate purely through direct suggestion under hypnosis which was monitored by a heart rate machine.

Hypnosis Cured My Cravings Article - Thats Life

A reader story from That's Life Magazine on how Rick's Weight Loss CD helped one lady cure her food cravings and shed the kilos!

Hypnosis CDs featured in Herald Sun

New Life Thanks to Hypnosis CD by Bryan Patterson. One lady describes the overwhelming effect the Mind Body healing CD had on a rare illness she had as well on her son with cerebral palsy.

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Rick Collingwood on Nova FM Radio

Rick appears on the entertaining Akmal, Cal and Ed Nova radio show, where he helps 3 listeners overcome their recent break-ups to move past their ex's in this "Ex-Exorcism" through hypnosis. What happens is quite intriguing.