The Relation of Energy to the Physical & Non-Physical

04th May 2010

The entire universe, this world, and everything within it is vibrating energy, combining and solidifying into matter, then reverting to wave form energy again. The basic component of matter is the atom, an electrical unit comprised of sub-atomic particles called neutrons, protons and electrons. The electrons and protons within the structure of the atom spin around the neutron, which is at the center.

A 90kg human body is comprised of about seventy billion, billion, billion, atoms, or seventy billion trillion, give or take a few trillion with each in and with each out breath. The atoms are the prime structure of seventy to ninety trillion cells that comprise the same body. It is the energy flowing and dancing between the cells that is linked directly to the ether and is the apparent mysterious force that sparks the creating of all things and happenings. This energy permeates forth from each person and attracts circumstances and opportunities according to the strength and clarity of thought and the emotions and desires attached to the idea. What your mind projects emotionally at its deeper levels creates your physical, mental, and emotional circumstances. What you do with the particular circumstances and happenings you create for yourself is entirely up to you. But a still, calm, and focused mind through right thought and action will bring swift change or manifestation no matter where you find yourself right now.

Three interesting things in relation to the structure of energy are.

One: If an atom were expanded to the size where the neutron in the centre was the size of a golf ball, the closest electron would be almost two kilometers away.

Two: On a pro-rata size basis, every atom in the world of matter is spaced further apart than what the Earth is from the Sun. What is in between the empty space? Pure inter-dimensional energy, wherein lies the mysteries of the ether.

Three: Although matter is formed into solidity by atoms adhering together, individual atoms aren’t solid. Atoms are spinning energy vortex’s that appear solid but continuously revert from solid and visible to etheric and non-visible.

Modern myths about superman, the invisible wrecker, constitute a dangerous temptation to stretch the energy bow to the point at which the string snaps, where the being literally explodes within. Even if such beings become commercial idols, objects of public acclaim, they are nevertheless still inarticulate puppets brought to life with artificial power and energy, who inevitably turn on each other because they have not been assimilated in real terms. Energy is what one makes of it. It can be a source of life or a source of death, a creation or destruction. There is no wisdom exclusive to energy, and energy does not escape universal wisdom in which finality is neither retraction nor the drying up of the intellect but its totality and harmony. To be in this sense means to know and to know is to add energy-to-energy, life-to-life, and love-to-love. Such is the way of the universe.

–The Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, Kendo, Aikido, Judo, Karate; Octopus Books 1977

Everything in the universe is energy, distributed and transmuted via the mechanisms of light, heat, frequency, oscillation and/or vibration. The law of thermodynamic energy decrees that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. This leaves the whole nature of existence, scientifically and spiritually, open to speculation and conjecture. All living beings are animated by internally created and externally absorbed energy which herd-accepted science can’t adequately explain.

Recent advances in quantum physics and inter-dimensional theories are beginning to toss some very revealing realities into the endless debate of past conventional scientific theory.

I know from personal goings-on that I have experienced while inducing hypnosis that we are beings of energy. Human energy and the human energy field can, to a degree, be manipulated to influence people, situations and circumstances. I would also comfortably speculate that we all have the ability to read or feel another persons energy.

Another common experience is intuition, or gut feelings, such as when you think of a person and then the phone rings and they are on the other end, or when familiar people are waiting to discuss something serious or important. At those times the frequency they resonate will be different from their usual oscillation. So as you walk into their presence, even if they have their back turned to you, you sense an unfamiliar feeling emanating from them and just know that something is different. Those closely connected by love or familiarity also experience this over great distances, while some psychics and most remote viewers can do it at will.

This was known and written about by the philosophers of old, and considering what recent advances in quantum physics have proven, once again there is nothing new under the sun. Other people can perceive you only in relevant compatibility with their own oscillating frequency.

Everything humans create and bring to form is only an exteriorization of internal thought technology. The Japanese have now developed electronic switches that can be turned on and off with the mind. There is a device known as SQID (Super Quantum Induction Device), which among other uses measures electrical activity oscillating around the outside of the human body.

Measuring the energy emanating from a human skull in congruity with thought patterns clearly demonstrates that thoughts can be measured as electrical fields at distances of up to one meter from the brain. This is undeniable proof that the mind can and does project energy. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. The natural inherent power of waveform thought energy and its role in third dimensional manifestation is very much misunderstood by the herd.

The human mind and its mysterious ways, how we often just know things, and the incredible ability within each of us to shape our thoughts into reality, has intrigued scientists, scholars and philosophers since antiquity.

Each and every thought, once empowered with emotional energy or physical effort, or even if it is ignored, will produce a result. The strength of the effort will be apparent by the result. Everything that happens in the third dimension and every situation or circumstance begins its first instance in the ether and the second as a thought. We are also affected constantly by another truth. You can’t have an internal feeling on any level without first having a thought at some level, conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, to create the feeling.

To change how and what you feel, you have to change how and what you think. This will change how you live your life and also what you get out of it. There is a higher, infinitely intelligent creative force, emanating from a much more enlightened place than the humble third dimension.

I personally think God is an appropriate name for the spark of life and creative force that radiates within each of us. So who truly knows if there is a god of classic Christian ideology or even whether his or her name really is God, Mohammad, Odin, Krishna, Buddha, Charlie or Susan for that matter? The fear of God and going to hell or eternal damnation for heresy if one displayed unacceptable practices or beliefs as defined by the Church was an excellent method of ensuring passive and cohesive behavior from the herd.

The connecting point within all spiritual doctrines is that the ancient texts, even of opposing religions, sects and brotherhoods, are filled with comparable wisdom regarding the powers of thought and manifestation. Simple wisdom such as is offered in the Christian Bible: Knock and the door will be opened. Bread cast upon the water returns three fold. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. The list goes on.

These statements are fundamental principles of the laws of manifestation. They are as pertinent in the here and now as they were when the disciples, the mystics, and the men of philosophy (the original physicists), figured them out thousands of years ago. The many known and unknown laws are part of the answer to what is often perceived as the miraculous power of prayer.

Some people believe in God Almighty, some people believe in spirit, some people believe in very little. All of the successful people I’ve met possess a very simple belief formula indeed: THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

Utilize some time every day in a dreamlike state, similar to how you find yourself as you immediately awaken in the morning or immediately before sleeping. Close your eyes and think relaxation to create relaxation, then see, feel and believe what it is that you wish to achieve or attract into your life.

Empower your visions with positive emotion and follow them up with physical effort. You will be surprised at how quickly desires can come to fruition. This is the only way that any circumstance or anything physical can be created into existence in the third dimension.

If you follow goals with applied physical effort and realistic beliefs, whatever it is you want must come to you. It can’t be any other way, so ensure that you do indeed want what you think you want, because whatever you believe about yourself and what you can or can’t do, or what you do and don’t want to do, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

If you don’t know what you want and you have no plan, goals, or aspirations for the future, you’re going to get confusion and indecision. If you haven’t got a plan you’re like a ship in the ocean without a rudder. Your life has no direction, so eventually the winds of time drift you into a storm, or on to the rocks.

Once you’ve decided what you want, visualize on it, put in the necessary physical effort, assume that it has already happened and very soon you will begin to KNOW it. Above all, KNOW in yourself and understand that:

If you want something that you don’t have, or if you want to be something more than you are now, you have to get off your 'arse' and put in the necessary energy.

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