Intuition & Human Sensing Systems

15th November 2010

Intuition & Human Psychic Abilities from a Scientific Perspective

This article is an extract from The Secrets of Power Vol 1; NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES REGARDING THE EXISTENCE OF CERTAIN PSI FACULTIES. Ingo Swann 1996 -

The January 1999 issue of Scientific American magazine published an article entitled Revolution in Cosmology. The article indicated that, "New observations have smashed the old (scientific) view of our universe." Since that time, theorists continue trying to make sense of all the data. "Either the universe is dominated by a bizarre form of energy; or our universe is just one strangely curved bubble of space-time in an infinite continuum."

If then, physical matter is not the basic stuff of the universe, but energy is, then a significant question can be posed; at least for hypothetical consideration? Why should any life system emerge on any planet only in a strictly three-dimensional physical context and with sensing systems geared uniquely and only to perceiving the physical forms of matter? This question can be posed in a number of other ways.

For example, since energy is the fundamental constituent of physical matter, why should life forms consist only of the matter and not the energy? Or, if life forms are fundamentally erected out of energy, why should they only possess sensory systems regarding matter, and not possess sensory systems regarding energies?

The most comprehensive, and logical, answer is that all life systems have arrays of sensing mechanisms and faculties regarding both matter and energy-and in fact it is understood that all life forms are probably more sensitive overall to energies than to physical matter. This equates to two sets of sensing systems, one geared for perceiving the physical, the other geared for perceiving the energetic.

Of course, in the behaviouristic context, energy sensing is often explained away as subliminal responses to "cues" of body language and behavior posturing. Such cues play an obvious role, but the responses often occur over distances when the direct sighting of body cues is not possible. For clarity here, if one senses another's vibes, then those vibes are emanating from the other person's aura energy fields. In that one is sensing invisible energies in this case, such sensing is a form of telepathic energy transference. People possess energy sensing systems with regard to emotions radiating from the energy fields of others, such as emanations of love, hate, acceptance and rejection, danger, approachability, imminent illness or death.

Intuition and its associated sensing systems cannot be based only on the five physical senses. For example, the sensing of love, hate, and also sexual availability are not functions of the five physical senses, and neither is the sensing of stealth, activity, secrecy, duplicity, truth, falsehood, and even the sensing of another's power. Most people realize that they possess sensing systems, but they seldom realize how or why. If the prospective of multiple human sensing systems is considered, all human beings can be thought of as composites of self-propulsion, walking, talking, and thinking sensing systems. Within that context, the sensing systems can be said to exist in everyone. It is only their automatic "self propulsion" that has been dumbed down, or become latently ineffectual. However it is entirely probable that a degree of automatic self-propulsion can at least be somewhat reactivated, by simply becoming aware of what sensing systems have actually become latent.

Up until about twenty years ago, the existence of these dumbed down sensing systems, would have to be hypothetically argued via psychical and para-psychological contexts. It is no longer necessary to argue for the existence of extensive human sensing systems in hypothetical terms. The reason for this is that knowledge regarding the nature of human sensing systems has dramatically increased, not in parapsychology but, believe it or not, in the sciences proper.

It is now scientifically clear that the human possesses not just the five standard sensing systems, but also very many more of very different kinds. It should be understood, that previous scientific argument against the existence of human sensing systems and their existence, centred on one particular aspect. If sensing systems, such as those having to do with intuition etc, were to be admitted as existing, then there needed to be receptors for them.

For the eye systems there are receptors for light and form. For the ears, there are systems with receptors for sound. The nose system has receptors for smell, the tongue system receptors for taste, and there are receptors on the skin for tactile impression or physical feeling. That was the scientific extent of human sensing receptors until the development of the electron microscope made it possible to discover other kinds of receptors on and within the human biological organism. For clarity, a receptor is defined as "a cell or a group of cells that can receive interpretable stimuli".

System Receptors

Some sensing system receptors that have been discovered by conventional science.

1. Receptors in the nose sensing systems that "smell" emotions, and that can identify motives, sexual receptivity, antagonism, benevolence, etc. (All these are formats of what is commonly referred to as vibe sensing)

2. Receptors in the ear sensing systems that detect and identify differences in pressure and electromagnetic frequencies. (Formats of E.S.P.)

3. Skin receptors that detect balance and imbalance regarding what is external to the biobody.(Formats of remote-sensing, a mixed form of E.S.P. and clairvoyance)

4. Skin receptors that detect motion outside the body, even when it is asleep. (A format of E.S.P.)

5. Directional finding and locating receptors in the endocrine and neuro-peptide systems. (Formats of dowsing, intermixed with formats of cognitive E.S.P. or intuition)

6. Whole-body receptors, including hair, that identify fluidic motions of horizontal, vertical, diagonal, even when not visually perceived.

7. Skin receptors that "recognize" the temperament of other biological organisms. (A format of psychic "reading")

8. Subliminal sensory systems, which locate and identify pitch of sound, a sense of heat across great distances, a sense of frequencies and waves, either mechanical or energetic. (All being formats of E.S.P. or vibe sensing)

9. Receptors that identify, positive and negative charged particles, at the sub-atomic level. (The term utilized for this in psychical research is "micro-PSI," which is considered rare)

10. Micro-systems of various forms of mechanical, chemical, and electromagnetic energy into meaningful nerve impulses. (All commonly thought of as forms of E.S.P.)

11. Receptors that sense gravitational changes. (A form of dowsing)

12. Neurological senses for interpreting modulated electronic information by converting it into analogue signals for mental storage, interpretation, and cognition. (One of the bio-mind bases for Telepathy)

13. Bio-electronic receptors for sensing radiation, including x-rays, cosmic rays, infrared
radiation, and ultraviolet light, all of these receptors are found in the retina of the eye. (Part of the basis for various forms of clairvoyance)

14. Receptors that respond to exterior electrical fields and systems. (Producing forms of clairvoyance, and Aura-reading)

The following, highly specialised, sensing systems are referred to in the new sciences as:

Human Semaphore Capacities

1. Skin receptors for sensing perceptions of bonding or antagonism. (Thought of as forms of intuition)

2. Sensing systems for non-verbal "language" communicating. (Thought as a form of telepathy or vibe-sensing)

3. Combined sensing systems (neural networks) for making meaning out of at least 130 identified non-verbal physical gestures, and 20 basic kinds of non-verbal messages.

4. Receptors that trigger alarm and apprehension before their sources are directly perceived. (A particularly valuable type of psychic foresight, foreseeing, and intuition)

5. Sensing systems for registering and identifying non-verbal emotional waves. (A form of intuition and/or telepathy or clairvoyance)

pineal gland diagram

Pineal Gland Associations

The following are known to be associated with the Pineal Gland if it is in good working order.

1. Senses and memory stores cycles of light and darkness, anticipating them with accuracy, as the daily motions of the Sun and the Moon change. (A type of psychic forecasting or future seeing)

2. Sensing systems that respond to solar and lunar rhythms, solar flares and sunspots, and moon caused tidal changes, and that can sense "coming" earthquakes and storms. (A predictive form of E.S.P. especially noted in sailors, farmers, and also in Cows, Dogs, Cats, and Snakes)

3. If the pineal gland is fully functional, it acts as a non-visual photoreceptor. (The psychic equivalent of x-ray vision) The next senses or sensing systems are similar to some already mentioned, but appear to function upon a completely different basis, and are additional to them. It is now thought that this basis is almost certainly the WATER contained in the bio-body, in the physical components of the nerve systems, and the physical part of the brain. It is not yet understood how water is used in this way to create a fluidic but elaborate series of interconnected sensing systems.

One of the best guesses, although yet to be established, is that the vibrations of the water molecules, link together with the entire bio-body and form the equivalent of a radar or sonar antennae. These liquid antennae sensing systems appear to detect the following categories.

Divided by these categories, they can be thought of as individualised and highly refined sensing systems:
(All of these categories have been thought of as intuitive).

1. Sense of non-visual wave motions.

2. Sense of non-visual oscillating patterns.

3. Sense of magnetic fields.

4. Sense of infrared radiation.

5. Sense of electrical energy.

6. Sense receptors for local and distant sources of heat.

7. Sense of geo-electromagnetic pulses, magnetic fields, especially biological ones.

8. Although the mechanisms are not all understood, the liquidic sensing receptors apparently are somehow involved in the remote sensing or viewing of anything at a distance, however great.

9. Whole body receptors (billions of them) to detect pheromones, sexual receptivity, fear, love, admiration, danger, pain in others, intentions of others, etc. (All formally thought of as inexplicable forms of intuition, E.S.P. or so-called vibe sensing and/or psychic reading)

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love this article. Have been referring to it and showing others for about 5 years now. Has helped my own development enormously

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