Public Awareness Articles

Articles that serve the purpose of raising public awareness about things that we feel are important to know.

New TV Show 'Married At First Sight' A Sign Of Things To Come For Relationships?

Watching the new Australian TV Show 'Married At First Sight' it really struck me, how as a society, we’ve forgotten to communicate in real life and instead depend upon connecting via technology.

The Australian Hypnosis Alliance (TAHA) Has Begun!

We are pleased to announce that The Australian Hypnosis Alliance (TAHA) is now up and running. Founded by Rick Collingwood (Chairman) and Michael Werts (CEO), TAHA aims to represent all aspects of hypnosis in Australia and abroad.

Hypnosis in Advertising - Is It Effective?

Many advertising firms are hiring psychologists & hypnotists to help influence the ads they make. Are these effective, and is it possible over short periods of time for viewers to be affected by these ads?

Hyundai Uses Hypnosis in Super Bowl Commercial

Many people were surprised when Hyundai used obvious hypnotic references and techniques in their 2011 Super Bowl commercial watched by millions around the world.

Television for Mass Manipulation

This article describes how television is used for mass manipulation by utilizing numerous hypnotic and psychological brainwashing techniques.

Persuasion Techniques

This article outlines the most prevalent persuasion techniques (especially hypnosis commands) unfortunately used to mass-manipulate the public by different sources.

Some Staggering Facts About Autism

An article on the rise of Autism (referencing official research showing a 700% increase in the US from 1996 to 2007) and some statistics outlining this.

The Master Key System (Free PDF Download)

Free PDF Download - Develop Your Mind Power - The Master Key System - by Charles F. Haanel.

FREE eBook "As You Think"

A free generic EBook PDF of the James Allen's classic: 'As A Man Thinketh'.

Australian Hypnosis Legislation

A full rundown on Australian Federal and State government legislation regarding the practice of hypnosis in Australia.

The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution (Free PDF)

A public health SOS: 110 Questions on electromagnetic pollution from a forum at the Commonwealth Club of California. This is a creative commons PDF we wanted to share to raise awareness.

The Paradox in Modern Lives (Powerpoint Slideshow)

A Power Point Presentation collection of ancient eastern paradoxes on what we perceive to be important in our lives.

Consciousness & Technology (Powerpoint Document)

An interesting Power Point slideshow illustrating the complexities that science and technology can have towards the greater consiousness of the population.

An Anonymous Thought

An interesting paradox on how we as humans have collectively evolved, yet have also evolved in so many different ways also.