Hypnosis & Chronic Fatigue Success Story (Case Study)

30th June 2006

The image above is the original article published in the Sun herald in relation to the commentary below...

In May 2004 I received a phone call from a distressed mother desperate to find some help for her son who had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, then cast into the wasteland of the UNCURABLE when all accepted mainstream, and not a few complementary or natural therapies had done nothing except offer more confusion and a significant decimation of the family finances.

I have worked with many cases of chronic fatigue, with in many cases, some quite remarkable results. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and for some people hypnosis is no more effective in treating this scourge than any other protocol, medical or otherwise.

It is experimentally postulated that hypnosis can activate the mind-body connection and enhance the immune system. I have found that in many cases of Chronic Fatigue the victim experiences a Glandular Fever type of illness from which they appear to recover, then within 3 months of the recovery the victims often experience a major emotional shock. As we are all different this shock can be anything from losing their job, their financial stability, their partner through divorce or death, or any other number of things that are considered an EMOTIONAL EVENT by the particular individual.

Hypnosis can help to balance and release the emotional event, thereby releasing the body from the continual under-lying causal stress, allowing the immune system to regain strength and go about the business of killing the disease causing organisms and cleaning up the blood.

It is not my intention to suggest here for one moment that correctly applied hypnosis can CURE anything, however in many cases it can make a tremendous difference to the quality of the victims life and the speed of their recovery. The following is an unsolicited letter from the desperate mother who rang me that morning in May 2004.

"Ninety Steps: The Last Step Of The Journey Was Called Hypnosis"

The other steps before hypnosis were named General Practitioners, 6 of those, Physicians, 3 of those, Natural Therapists, 12 of them, Psychiatrists, 2 of them, Masseuses, Reflexologists, Ozone Therapy Specialists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Health Farms, Ice Water Therapy, Meditation, Fifty sessions of Reiki, 200 bottles of vitamins, Vitamin B injections, Intravenous Vitamin C therapy, Electrical Stimulation for the Feet and Spine. Should I continue with these steps? I'm sure I could think of many more. Ninety steps to travel over a period of three years at a cost of around $40,000. A lovely deposit for a house.

My son became ill at the age of 20 when he was in the prime of health and fitness. Tall, lean, muscular, full of the joys of life, eager to study, travel and experience the rewards of an enthusiastic personality.

It was the 27th May, 2000. I remember the day well. My son said to me "I don't feel well mum, I sort of feel strange in my body like an alien has taken over my cells and taken charge of them." This was the start of our nightmare which ended in my son being completely bed-ridden for 9 months. He could not walk, could not take 1 step. He could not stand up. He could not eat without help. He suffered constant muscular pain throughout his body and could not even use the bathroom without the aid of a wheelchair. He was a zombie and nobody could help him.

Our beautiful happy home, once filled with friends and music changed into a hospital over night, and people became confused and too frightened to visit in case they also caught this dreaded disease which was a mystery to all. The loneliness and isolation was overwhelming. In the end it was just my son and I lying on the bed holding hands and praying for a miracle.

That Miracle Was Hypnosis

Suzanne Fiocco: Registered Nurse.

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