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When most people think about hypnosis and losing weight, they tend to think about the process as a simple way of making people eat healthier. The truth, however, is that hypnosis and losing weight are an ongoing journey. By learning how to hypnotize yourself or by working with a professional, you can use this power to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


One of the best reasons to learn about hypnosis benefits is that it is a natural, and safe way to treat many physical conditions. It can be used to treat conditions ranging from headaches and insomnia to back pain and digestive disorders. There are many ways to learn about hypnosis benefits.  Hypnosis benefits are based on the process of hypnotizing someone to change their behavior. A hypnotist can influence your mind to do things that you do not want to do or think about doing.



Can hypnosis be used to assist me in improving my life? This is a question has been asked of professionals more times than they can count, and the reason is pretty simple. At the end of this article, a recommendation will be made for an excellent website to go to for learning more about hypnosis.

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with Hypnosis!

How hypnosis can help you lose weight by changing your association with food, giving motivation, visualization, positive suggestion, and the willpower to follow through with your goals.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing uses vibration, frequency, sound, toning, chanting, song and music to create shifts in the body, mind and spirit.

Cleaning Blood With Hypnosis

On September 30th, 2008, I went into hospital to have a minor nose operation. Little did I know that on entering the hospital I would end up with blood clots in both my lungs. I did come home for two days after the operation on my nose only to go back into hospital with shortness of breath.

Mind Over Mood: Feeling Better by Thinking Better

An article by David Ruben on how you can control your emotions and mood by changing the way you think at a deeper level.

Why Hypnosis Is So Successful For Weight Loss

Why hypnosis and hypnotherapy are so effective for weight loss & weight control. This article covers the numerous emotional, physical, social and environmental causes of weight gain & how to move beyond them.

Depression and Moving Beyond

What is depression and how do you overcome it? This article helps answer these questions with many useful practical techniques to move beyond.

Some Staggering Facts About Autism

An article on the rise of Autism (referencing official research showing a 700% increase in the US from 1996 to 2007) and some statistics outlining this.

The Immune System and Stress

This article describes the truth about the relationship between the immune system and emotional stress. By David Ruben.

Hypnosis and Breast Cancer Report

A clinical case study report on Breast Cancer and hypnosis. The report follows an anthropologist diagnosed with Breast Cancer and her journey using hypnotherapy to help live with the disease.

Hypnosis in Cancer Care (PDF)

A clinical report by Nova Southeastern University on the participating in the culture of cancer; a demelitarized approach to treatment of breast cancer.

Hypnosis & Chronic Fatigue Success Story (Case Study)

How hypnosis can be used to treat and minimize the side effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This article follows the amazing story of a lady and her son who experienced some miraculous results.

The New Medicine - Dr Ryke Hamer

An article on the 'New Medicine' by Walter Last covering the life of Dr Ryke Hamer, first published in Nexus Magazine.