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The Top 5 Things Children Teach Parents

Becoming a parent forces any inner-child issues to be addressed and we can break those patterns to learn how to be a parent. Here are the top 5 things we can learn from our children.

Introducing Your Child to Meditation - Why & How?

In this article we talk about the benfits of introducing your child to meditation, how their imagination plays such an important role, and the best ways to show them how.

Andrew Talks For the First Time Using Autism Program!

A remarkable story about how Andrew, a 7 year old Autistic child from New Jersey, used our hypnosis CDs and spoke for the first time.

Bullying and How to Deal With it

This article contains some very useful information on how bullies think & some techniques for your child to stop being bullied and move beyond any negative emotions from bullying.

Some Staggering Facts About Autism

An article on the rise of Autism (referencing official research showing a 700% increase in the US from 1996 to 2007) and some statistics outlining this.