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When most people think about hypnosis and losing weight, they tend to think about the process as a simple way of making people eat healthier. The truth, however, is that hypnosis and losing weight are an ongoing journey. By learning how to hypnotize yourself or by working with a professional, you can use this power to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


One of the best reasons to learn about hypnosis benefits is that it is a natural, and safe way to treat many physical conditions. It can be used to treat conditions ranging from headaches and insomnia to back pain and digestive disorders. There are many ways to learn about hypnosis benefits.  Hypnosis benefits are based on the process of hypnotizing someone to change their behavior. A hypnotist can influence your mind to do things that you do not want to do or think about doing.

Overcome self sabotage with post hypnotic suggestions

Self sabotage is something that we have all experienced. Post hypnotic suggestions are an effective way to overcome self sabotage.

Cigarettes, Alcohol & Cannabis - The Relationship Between Addictions

This article will focus on an aspect of addiction theory that seems to have been overlooked for the most part – that of one addiction fuelling another - primarily using alcohol, cigarettes and Cannabis as examples.

What's your excuse for being stuck in a rut?

In this article we delve deep into the internal processes behind making change and why your mindset is so crucial to achieving the results for getting out of a rut.

Why it's OK to have the 7 year itch in a relationship

Around the 7 year mark in a relationship is said to be the time when the happiness is most likely to decrease. It’s natural for there to be a shift in your relationship

The Top 5 Things Children Teach Parents

Becoming a parent forces any inner-child issues to be addressed and we can break those patterns to learn how to be a parent. Here are the top 5 things we can learn from our children.

How to feel better when you are in a dark place

If you are experiencing a dark and troublesome time in your life and feel there is no way out, the steps below (if carried out methodically without compromise) will help you identify and move beyond the issues causing this.

New TV Show 'Married At First Sight' A Sign Of Things To Come For Relationships?

Watching the new Australian TV Show 'Married At First Sight' it really struck me, how as a society, we’ve forgotten to communicate in real life and instead depend upon connecting via technology.

Do You 'Really' Know You're Alive?

We all need to be reminded once in a while that we have our own goals and desires we wish to achieve. We must set these goals & desires, and go after them if we truly want them to become our reality.

How To Detach Past Negative Experiences

In this article I want to share the importance of associations and attachments to things we experience, and how they greatly affect our life's direction.

Fast Track Your Weight Loss with Hypnosis!

How hypnosis can help you lose weight by changing your association with food, giving motivation, visualization, positive suggestion, and the willpower to follow through with your goals.

The Difference Between Laziness, Procrastination & Lack of Motivation

Many people get laziness and; procrastination confused with 'lack of motivation'. In my opinion all these behaviors are inter-connected at a deeper level emotionally and mentally.

The Essential Guide to Meditation: Practice, Suggestions & Intent

This article by Giovanni Lordi explains all about the art of meditation. It is designed for those who are new to meditation and want to know more about how it works, some ways to meditate and other suggestions to get the most from the overall experience.

Controlling Negative Emotions With The 'Switch ON/OFF' Technique

I want to share with you a simple technique that will help you control negative emotions and clear your mind. This was inspired by my training in Martial Arts, and is something which I use myself when I am having a bad day.

Positive Self Image = Positive Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight (and most personal issues in general too), to make lasting permanent change you must change the way you view yourself first.

The Power of Now With Focus & Concentration

Practical techniques, that you can do anytime & anywhere,  to live in the moment and experience the Power of Now.

How to Decode Dreams & What they Mean

David Ruben is an expert on the dream state. In this article he explains how to find the meanings to your dreams & steps to experience your own lucid dreams.

Can Daydreaming Lead To Unhappiness?

Can daydreaming lead to unhappiness - even if you're thinking pleasant thoughts? A Harvard study reveals these results.

A Formula for Manifestation

The emotional content of your thoughts pervade within your transmitting energy, attracting opportunities and circumstances within your environment as the future moves towards you.

Long Term Relationship Advice

How to maintain a great relationship and make it last long term. This article contains some simple truisms as well as a deeper psychological analysis on men, women and how to get along better.

Why Hypnosis Is So Successful For Weight Loss

Why hypnosis and hypnotherapy are so effective for weight loss & weight control. This article covers the numerous emotional, physical, social and environmental causes of weight gain & how to move beyond them.

The Philosophy of Life & Happiness

Some philosophies on the enigma that is life and some interesting ways to change your perspective to help change your life for the better by Giovanni Lordi.

Depression and Moving Beyond

What is depression and how do you overcome it? This article helps answer these questions with many useful practical techniques to move beyond.

The Power of NOW!

A short philosophy on the power of the moment by David Ruben.

The Master Key System (Free PDF Download)

Free PDF Download - Develop Your Mind Power - The Master Key System - by Charles F. Haanel.

FREE eBook "As You Think"

A free generic EBook PDF of the James Allen's classic: 'As A Man Thinketh'.

NLP & Hypnosis: There is a Difference

NLP vs Hypnosis. In this article many of the claims and myths of NLP are compared to the scientifically proven and recognised benefits of hypnosis.

The Paradox in Modern Lives (Powerpoint Slideshow)

A Power Point Presentation collection of ancient eastern paradoxes on what we perceive to be important in our lives.

An Anonymous Thought

An interesting paradox on how we as humans have collectively evolved, yet have also evolved in so many different ways also.