Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Letting Go


I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last few months. I received some really bad news which sent me into a Spiral on Thursday. On Friday night I bought Giovannis Letting go cd and played it when I went to bed. Saturday I work up completely calm, alert and optimistic. I've been calm all week and have been able to think about and assess my situation without turning into a...

Super Self Confidence


Excellent self hypnosis cd. Rick has done a fine job with this one. This cd has given me the confidence to pursue goals that I held back from because I didn't believe in myself.

I've also gotten myself out of bad relationships with certain friends and romantic partners. Now I've been making better friendships and pursuing a better dating life. Just by listening for a...

Quit Smoking

Jennifer Adams

I quit smoking in 2005 using Rick Collingwood's Quit Smoking hypnosis program. I'm proud to say that I have never considered smoking since, thanks to the effectiveness of the hypnosis program.



I have purchased many of these CD's - I have been suffering from depression & anxiety , panic attacks for years. these CD's have changed my life and saved my life in so many ways. thank you to - Rick and Giovanni

Fear of Change

Graham Coombes

This is by far the best hypnosis that I have EVER used and experienced such a profound shift in just one session.Words fail me!Over the last 24 years I have listened to many but have NEVER gone so deep as this WOW I'm excited to happily purchase your other products on the strength and RESULTS of this CD Mind Blowing Thanks a Million Colin

Weight Loss 3 Pack

Iris Czirr

Looking forward to trying it. Nothing else has worked.

PTSD & Anxiety

M. Minikus

Hello! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your PTSD
and Anxiety hypnosis product. I found it on and have listened to
it every night for the past four nights, and it has really changed my life in
that short span of time. I was extremely depressed, angry, irritable,
unlikable, and constantly stressed out. I had recurring flashbacks and...

Fears & Phobias

Will from Geelong, VIC

I purchased this session with the hope that I could overcome my nerves in an extremely important job interview. I listened for a 4 days and noticed that I had a very calm feeling developing. I listened on the morning of my interview, and can honestly say that I walked in completely calm and confident in myself which I have never felt before. That calm feeling remained throughout. The panel...

Enhance Your Intuition


First of all thank you for being you, I have been using your CDS for a few years now on and off. I have jus't started listening to 'them again, my first cd was enhancing my intuition and I did -that for many months while I was taking classes for Medium ship, however when it was my turn to read another student I would freeze with fear standing before people, so I thought I would...

Pet Calm

Sab Brauer

Tiani was a 'stray' cat being fed by an elderly lady (with her 23 other cat friends!). Tiani, and most of her friends, had never been handled and had to be trapped, desexed etc and then socialised by foster carers.

"I used this CD when I fostered a very timid, scared cat. I was amazed at how it relaxed her and turned her into a very different cat. I had the CD on many...

Pet Calm

Mandi Jasson

I have put it on in the room with scaredy cats [cats who had little human contact when they were growing up] that have entered our house extremely anxious and just left it playing - not too loud, just sort of like background noise for them. It definitely had a calming effect. I think the CD allowed them to more easily get used to the sounds of living in a busy household, as it was a constant...

Chronic Fatigue


I am more aware now of the limitations I was putting on myself. Thanks to Ricks cd.

Manifesting Abundance


Hello Giovanni!

Firstly, thank you! Whilst listening to one of your CD's I experienced a life
changing 'Ah-hah!' moment, where ideas flowed effortlessly and everything
pieced together perfectly!

It eventually led me to where I am now, about to launch my website, business
and soon to release books on manifesting and happiness.

In my book I...

Stress Management


Loved the stress management hypnosis cd been playing it during the night and day love it definitely one of the best of Ricks.

Living the Dream


Played the Living the dream fantastic. A visualized myself killing off my overgrown candida ha ha.
I am reading up on it at present and taking notes then will see a naturapath.
Amazing powerful wording there. I feel totally less anxious ( excited) at the the process.
All the best Crystal

Sleep Apnea


I have suffered with sleep apnea for 30 years - poor quality sleep at night - constantly tired during the day. Recently, it got a lot worse; extreme night sweats - red face which I think was an indication of high blood pressure - depression. I needed to do something about it. Looking around at the options available, the medical profession didn't really seem to have much to offer - wear...



It's been almost 2 years since i began using the superconsciousness hypnosis. This recording beautifully complements all the other self development and spiritual work I'd already been doing. In just the first year, insights accelerated so much i began to have what is termed as "ascension symptoms" (in a good way) and i continue to find new pathways and grow at a rapid rate...

Learning a Foreign Language

Like the part about the different levels Alpha, Beta, etc.
Like the Piano and Guitar connection part. As a musician on the side, I like relating information to music.
Like the read, write, and speak references. People from all over the world should benefit from that being in the track. Usually, people only want to speak, but now they have the opportunity to learn more,...

Overcoming Phobias


Wow! The "Overcoming Phobias" recording is my favorite at this time. I don't even think I need the "Addictions" one because this is doing it. Thanks for this. Really empowering.

Unlocking the Abundance Code


Dear Mr. Lordi, I am so enormously grateful for your call on Saturday, you have helped me very much to start thinking differently, in case I had the money I would come to see you in person this week if I could find a flight and work intensively (even for just a couple of weeks) because I want-need to repeat to me what you told me cause I don't have any person close to me for this support...