Articles on Hypnosis & Other Related Topics

The Relation of Energy to the Physical & Non-Physical

A reflection on energy and the nature of existence.

When Hypnosis is not Hypnosis, Particularly Ericksonian

Hypnosis is shrouded in misconceptions and age old myths. This article is about what true hypnosis really is and what it really isn't.

NLP & Hypnosis: There is a Difference

NLP vs Hypnosis. In this article many of the claims and myths of NLP are compared to the scientifically proven and recognised benefits of hypnosis.

The Past Masters of Mesmerism & Hypnosis

A comprehensive account of the significant historical figures who shaped Mesmerism into modern hypnosis including Mesmer, Esdaille, and Erickson.

Australian Hypnosis Legislation

A full rundown on Australian Federal and State government legislation regarding the practice of hypnosis in Australia.

The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution (Free PDF)

A public health SOS: 110 Questions on electromagnetic pollution from a forum at the Commonwealth Club of California. This is a creative commons PDF we wanted to share to raise awareness.

Energy - A Physicists View (Powerpoint Presentation)

A Physicists View (Powerpoint by Vic Stenger) on the 'nature of things' and how energy is central to everything as we know it and sometimes don't know it.

Hypnosis in Cancer Care (PDF)

A clinical report by Nova Southeastern University on the participating in the culture of cancer; a demelitarized approach to treatment of breast cancer.