Articles on Hypnosis & Other Related Topics

The Paradox in Modern Lives (Powerpoint Slideshow)

A Power Point Presentation collection of ancient eastern paradoxes on what we perceive to be important in our lives.

Hypnosis & Chronic Fatigue Success Story (Case Study)

How hypnosis can be used to treat and minimize the side effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This article follows the amazing story of a lady and her son who experienced some miraculous results.

Consciousness & Technology (Powerpoint Document)

An interesting Power Point slideshow illustrating the complexities that science and technology can have towards the greater consiousness of the population.

The New Medicine - Dr Ryke Hamer

An article on the 'New Medicine' by Walter Last covering the life of Dr Ryke Hamer, first published in Nexus Magazine.

An Anonymous Thought

An interesting paradox on how we as humans have collectively evolved, yet have also evolved in so many different ways also.