Some Staggering Facts About Autism

25th October 2010

The graph above shows the rise of Autism in the US in the last 11 years (the numbers of the left correspond to 100, 000's).

Autism is on the Rise

Recently it has come to my attention some staggering statistics about Autism. It seems that in recent times the prevalence of Autism is growing at an exponential rate. On a personal note this is of great concern, as you can see from the facts below I recently read from the Autism Speaks website:

  1. 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder each year?
  2. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with aids,diabetes and cancer combined.
  3. Autism prevalence rose 57% between 2002 and 2006
  4. Autism prevalence rose 57% between 2002 and 2006
  5. Autism is the fastest growing serious development disability in the U.S
  6. 1 in 70 boys is on the autism spectrum

On a personal note I have thought about this a great deal recently. For one, I have treated many children over my years as a clinical hypnotherapist for attention disorders and ADD - ADHD issues, and it troubles me to see such issues affect our youth. And secondly, I think about what we, as a society are doing differently these days and wonder if this can have an effect on our children.

There is currently no medical detection or cure for Autism and it is also surprising that boys are 4 times more likely to have Autism then girls.

Knowing all of this, I decided to see what I could do to help the situation so I released a special 3 CD and MP3 program that is designed to assist with Autism.

Thus far the results have been quite amazing - I was especially pleased to hear an extraordinary story from a couple in New Jersey, US, and their son that started speaking for the first time ever. You can view this remarkable story here.

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