Cleaning Blood With Hypnosis

07th March 2011

How I Healed My Blood Clots

by Christine Diamond

On September 30th, 2008, I went into hospital to have a minor nose operation. Little did I know that on entering the hospital I would end up with blood clots in both my lungs. I did come home for two days after the operation on my nose only to go back into hospital with shortness of breath. The tests that I was given showed that blood clots had indeed formed in both my lungs and so I was consequently put into the Intensive Care Unit and wired up to various monitoring machines.

I felt like a ticking time bomb when the nurse said, “Do not move about too much as we don’t know if the clots are travelling to your heart or your head”. It was at this point that I made a pact with God, not to let me die, but to let me live so that I could finish writing my books.

As I lay in my hospital bed, I began to use my visualisation skills and the power of  my mind to dissolve the blood clots. My training in hypnotherapy taught me how to use the power of my mind to impress healing thoughts and images of healing onto the blood clots and my lungs.

On entering the theta brain wave pattern, I placed my awareness and intention on both my lungs. I then asked my Higher Spiritual Self to give me the right images and technique that I needed in order to help my lungs. Just as soon as I asked, I was given an impression on what to do. I imagined that I was taking one lung at a time, washing them in different coloured solutions until they looked pink and healthy. I then put them back in their rightful place telling them that they were healed of the blood clots and that they could now operate as good as new. I felt cleansed after this procedure. Surrounding the body and each and every organ is a field of energy that carries within it whatever we have impressed upon it by way of thought, word, deed, feeling and action.

It is now known in some fields of medicine that we do have this morphogenetic field that surrounds us and that it can be influenced by sound and imagery. As I am a practitioner of Hypnosis Field Therapy, I was able to put my training to good use in healing myself rather than to just lie there worrying if I was going to live or die.

During the twelve days that I lay in my hospital bed I was able to work on my lungs while receiving the mainstream treatment of injections, tablets and oxygen. On leaving hospital my doctor told me that I would have to take Warfrin for six months and then go onto baby Asprin for the rest of my life. This was a daunting prospect as the side affects of the Warfrin caused paralysis in my joints. If I held a cup of tea in my left hand, I could not just put it down and release it. I had to use my right hand to prize my fingers off the cup. While taking the Warfrin it was difficult to get out of bed or to get up out of a chair. When I walked I felt as though I was thirty years older than I was. I was 63 at the time.

Besides the paralysis, the other side affect that really concerned me was the weird mental state that I was experiencing. When driving my car I felt that I was a danger on the road, feeling as though I was in some kind of strange altered state. I reported the side affects to my doctor and her reply was that I had no other option and had to put up with it. I left her office feeling like there was very little hope and that the quality of my life was deteriorating at a fast and furious pace.

After the initial shock of my doctors cold flipant approach, I determined to find for myself an alternative answer and cure and so began to scout the Internet for whatever information and research that I could find of an alternative nature that would heal my blood condition.

A week later I went to see my doctor armed with the research material that I had found to discuss them with her. On entering her office I was feeling very optimistic only to have my hopes dashed upon the rocks of despair  once again. My doctors reply was, “I don’t have time for these alternative measures, you will have to stay on the medication that I have prescribed for you”.  Her comment stung for a moment leaving me with a feeling of being unsupported, and that my life some how did not matter to her. But just as quickly as this feeling came, it left. I then surprised myself by saying to her, “It is obvious by your comment, that you don’t have time for me”. I never did go back to this doctor.

A new doctor came to town, working from the same surgery some weeks after my experience. She was a younger doctor and really on the ball. On looking into my medical history she found that the previous doctor and the hospital had not ordered tests relating to my blood clotting factors. My new doctor wanted to know if my blood clots had occurred through the surgery, anaesthetics or through hereditary factors. She even sent me for another CT Scan for an update on my lungs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the blood clots had gone, but was told that sometimes cancer develops where the clots had been. With this news, I was even more determined to heal my lungs and blood condition.

The prescribed batch of tests came back to reveal that I had Anti Thrombin 111 deficiency and that it was most likely caused by hereditary factors. My cholesterol was also high, but again I suffered side affects from the Lipitor medication. My new doctor told me that I was in the 5% of the world’s population that was sensitive to Pharmaceutical drugs. Armed with all my test results and research articles on alternative methods for healing my health problems, I took myself of to a herbalist/naturopath. She took me seriously and knew exactly what to do for me. I left her office feeling validated and supported with my new herbal remedies.

I slowly took myself off the Warfrin and within nine months of taking my new herbal  remedies I was feeling more like my old self again. It was at this time that I went back to the doctor to ask her to order some more tests for me to see how my clotting factors were doing. When the tests came back, we were all surprised to find that my blood had returned to normal and that I no longer had Anti Thrombin 111 deficiency. My cholesterol had also come down to from 8 to 4.

Now twelve months on I am feeling great, but still monitor myself closely. Initially the orthodox mainstream pharmaceutical drugs did save my life, but in the long term, it was the herbal and naturopathic remedies that corrected my blood condition, lowered my cholesterol and alleviated all side affects. I also believe that by using the power of my mind to cleanse and heal my lungs, played a major role in my recovery. I conclude that we should always look to healing ourselves wholistically and not just accept the opinions of one medical practitioner.

My advice is never give up, and don't just accept what you are told. Do your own research and take control of your own life. At the end of all I had been through, I felt that the medical practitioners were not up to date with recent research findings. The first doctor's mindset was typical of someone who had been through medical school 40 years ago and had not progressed into todays emerging wholistic viewpoints.