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05th July 2004

The New Medicine
The Story Of Dr Ryke Hamer
Walter Last, Nexus Magazine
Aug-Sep 2003

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer has discovered the shock-conflict mechanism underlying Cancer development, but has been persecuted by German and other European courts for his theory and successful treatments.

The German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer (b. 1935) has had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy - by far the highest of any other protocol ever seen from any cancer therapy. During one of several trials of the, much persecuted, Dr Hamer, the public prosecutor (in Wiener Neustadt, Austria) had to admit that 6000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive four to five years after Dr Hamer's treatment. That is a success rate of over 90% - almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions.

Dr Hamer himself developed testicular cancer soon after his son was shot dead in 1978, and wondered whether his son's death was the cause of his cancer. However, it wasn't until three years later, when he worked in a cancer hospital at the University of Munich, that Dr Hamer was able to start his cancer research in earnest. Subsequently, he investigated and documented 15,000 cases of cancer and always found the following characteristics to be present, which he termed the Iron Rules of Cancer.

  1. Every cancer and related disease starts as a DHS - a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (named after his son). This is a serious, acute-dramatic and isolating conflict-shock experience. It manifests simultaneously on three levels: psyche, brain and organ.
  2. The theme of the psychic conflict determines the location of the focus or Hamer Herd in the brain, and the location of the cancer in the organ.
  3. The course of the psychic conflict correlates with the development of the Hamer Herd in the brain, and the course of the cancer in the organ.

At the moment of the conflict-shock, something like a short circuit occurs in a predetermined place in the brain. This can be photographed with computed topography (CT), and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or like the surface of water after a stone has been dropped into it. Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the CT image changes as an oedema develops and, finally, scar tissue.

How specific and precisely located these brain lesions are may be seen from the following example. After a professional lecture, a doctor handed Dr Hamer the brain CT of a patient and asked him to explain it. From this, Dr Hamer diagnosed the patient as having a fresh bleeding bladder carcinoma in the healing phase, an old prostate carcinoma, diabetes, an old lung carcinoma and sensory paralysis in a specific area, in addition to the corresponding emotional conflicts.

Amazingly, Dr Hamer has been able to show that at the same time as the concentric brain lesion appears, the target organ CT may also show such a concentric lesion. According to Dr Hamer, this happens instantly when the psychic shock hits the subconscious level, and this same second is the start of cancer. However, other diseases can also be caused by the same mechanism. How severe a disease becomes may depend on other psychological, energetic and nutritional factors, but its nature and location are determined by the content of the conflict shock.

Dr Hamer believes that the correlation between key emotional shock events, the target brain areas and the related organs has developed as a human evolutionary adaptation from similar programs in the animal world. When we unexpectedly experience emotional distress, an emergency repair program is set in motion - a biological conflict program - with the aim of returning the individual to normal. Such programs can even apply to families or other groups.

Dr Hamer gives the following example. A mother sees her child having a bad accident. In evolutionary terms, infants recover faster when they receive extra milk. Therefore, the mother's biological conflict program tries to stimulate milk production by increasing the number of breast cells. If the mother is right-handed, that will instantly cause the appearance of a Hamer Herd in a specific part of her right brain, which in turn relates to the left breast. When the child is well again, conflict resolution begins and extra milk is no longer needed. The mother gets a benign form of tuberculosis in that breast, which then breaks up the excess breast cells. However if the mycobacterium are lacking, then the area may just calcify and remain as a dormant tumour.

The same process applies also to animals. A sheep that loses its lamb to a wolf is prone to develop teat cancer; the side depends on whether it is right or left footed. However, the sheep commonly resolves this conflict by bearing another lamb.

The following example may illustrate the original survival value of this mechanism. Let's assume a lion chases an antelope. The antelope must immediately mobilise all its resources to survive. The sympathetic nervous system takes over and, in addition, a specific brain centre becomes active that stimulates lung activity. After the successful escape, the animal rests and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant for a while to normalise body functions.

If, instead, a person is given a cancer diagnoses, even if the diagnosis is wrong, the same biological program is set in motion by the same fear of death that helped the animal to escape. The stress level jumps and the brain/lung connection is activated, but now there is nowhere to run. Until the conflict is resolved, which may take years, there will be constant stress as well as brain-induced stimulation of lung activity, which now takes on the form of increasing lung capacity by the incessant division of cells.

This process can only be stopped by switching off the trigger in the brain through defusing the original conflict-shock. This happens when the patient subsequently has surgery or natural therapy, which he or she fully believes will lead to a cure. However, the same procedure in a patient who has doubts about its effectiveness will leave the conflict unresolved and the disease to progress. Thanks to Dr Hamer's work this is no longer just an unsubstantiated assumption but, rather, scientific fact that can be verified anytime with a CT brain scan.

The selection of the conflict focus occurs by subconscious association. For instance, biological conflicts involving water but also other fluids, such as milk or oil, lead to kidney cancer; fear of death leads to lung cancer; and psychologically swallowing a bigger chunk than we can digest leads to stomach or intestinal cancer. Originally in the animal world, it really was a big chunk of food, but for us it may be a financial over-commitment or any other obligation that we have taken on and cannot fulfil. However, the target focus is not determined by the event itself, but, rather, by the psychological significance that it has for us at the time of the event.

Dr Hamer illustrates this with the example of a woman who finds her husband in bed with another female. As a sexual frustration conflict, it causes uterine cancer. If she instead experiences it as a partner conflict, then in a right-handed woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the conflict feeling is fear and revulsion, then it causes hypoglycemia. With a lack of self-worth, cancer may develop in the pubic bone. If the lack of self worth was due to a failure in sportsmanship, rather than being sexually related, then the problem would have arisen in an arm or a leg or possibly in the fingers or shoulder. Other typical situations that may lead to biological conflicts are loss situations: loss of a loved one, a job, a valued possession or a territory.

Dr Hamer believes that most metastases or secondary tumours are caused by the cancer-fear or death-fear resulting from the patient being given the cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis. However, also in this case, the resulting conflict-shock may not be fear of death but rather anger, resentment or a separation conflict from partner or children, and then tumours would appear in different places. Also a diagnosis of colon cancer commonly leads to liver cancer because of a subconscious fear of starvation.

Generally, hopelessness, despair and meaninglessness create chronic stress, which prevents the healing from cancer and other diseases, but they are not the cause of the diseases. According to Dr Hamer, the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared.

The Healing Phase

The start of a DHS or conflict-shock experience is different from other conflicts that we experience in our daily lives. It causes a continuous stress resulting from a tend to develop cold hands and feet, lack of appetite and weight loss, sleeplessness and dwelling all the time on the conflict content. If the conflict does not become resolved soon, the long-lasting stress will lead to specific symptoms and the development of cancer or other disease.

When the conflict resolves, the patient is no longer occupied with the conflict content, the appetite returns, hands are warm again and normal sleep returns, but there may also be weakness, fatigue and a need to rest. These effects show that the parasympathetic nervous system is now in control. This is the beginning of the healing phase, which can be long and difficult.

During the first part of the healing phase, there are water retentions and inflammations but the tumour stops growing. This eventually leads to, a healing crises, which Hamer calls an epileptic or epileptoid crises because it is caused by an oedema in the Hamer Herd brain lesion. It shows unique symptoms for each illness.

After this, the body starts to expel the accumulated water, the patient gradually regains strength and the body functions become normal. Now the brain's connective tissue, the glia, starts repairing the Hamer Herd. This may be interpreted by conventional radiologists as a fast growing brain tumour and treated accordingly.

Dr Hamer estimates that 99% of brain events, such as strokes, bleeding into the brain, cysts and tumours, are due to healing events of Hamer Herds. Therefore, he regards them as temporary and self-limiting, unless there is inappropriate medical intervention. The most important support in these situations is the reduction of any brain oedema.

During the healing crises, the patient may for a short time re-experience the original psychological conflict with cold hands and cold sweat. This serves to suppress and eliminate the oedema in the brain lesion, which then allows other body conditions to normalise. The main danger point is just before the end of the healing crises when it will become apparent if the body is strong enough to eliminate the disease.

In difficult cases with long or strong conflict duration, massive brain oedema may develop, for which Dr Hamer uses cortisone injections. In natural therapy, an assortment of urea and anti-inflammatory therapies are used instead.

Urea has very strong diuretic properties and an excellent effect in cases of dangerously high fluid pressure in the brain. Generally, 20 grams of urea are used 2 to 5 times daily.

One life-threatening case has been described of a massive brain tumour re-growth that completely disappeared within two hours after the patient received 256mL of 30% urea, as described in Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy (Future Med, Inc., USA). This report clearly shows that the presumed brain tumour in fact was a massive oedema, as postulated in the New Medicine.

What Dr Hamer calls the epilepsy crises may be experienced by the patient as a heart attack, lung embolism, hepatitis, or a lung infection. Generally, during the healing phase, when the body releases inflammatory hormones, most problems are due to water retention, inflammation and swelling of tissues, all of which can cause a lot of pain. Hamer regards oedema, whether found in the brain or in an organ, as positive - a sign of healing.

Tissue Repair

After the healing crises, adeno-carcinomas are removed by fungi and mycobacteria, while the hepatitis virus may in addition help to regenerate the liver. At this stage, bacteria, viruses and fungi help to break down the tumours and repair damaged tissues also cause inflammation, pain and fever.

If you find it odd that Dr Hamer regards microbes as essential friends and helpers in the healing of cancer, he has made an even more surprising discovery. In his ontogenetic system of tumours and cancer-equivalent diseases, he distinguishes between two opposite processes during the active conflict phase.

Depending on the location of the Hamer Herd in the brain, there may be either cell proliferation or cell destruction. The first group has cell proliferation and tumour growth during the conflict phase and then removes excess cells with the help of microbes during the healing phase. The other group causes cell destruction during the conflict phase, resulting in ulcers, necroses and tissue holes affecting, for instance, bones (osteoporosis), kidneys, spleens and ovaries. During the healing phase, this second group tries to fill the holes created through cell proliferation.

Tissue necroses, and osteolysis (dissolved bone) are now repaired by bacteria that first form abscesses, which are then filled with scar tissue and later with granulating tissue to form osteosarcoma, lymphoma, fibroma, and healing cysts. Also, leukaemia commonly occurs during the healing phase, as it does after bone marrow damage from radiation, chemicals or bone cancer.

According to Dr Hamer, these conditions are generally self-limiting and only get out of control when additional conflict shocks occur, or when the body is too old or weak, or through the methods of conventional medicine. In contrast, natural healing methods aim to support the body and the mind during this time. Most healings proceed without major problems, but about 10% need the full support of an experienced therapist, especially at the time of the healing crises.

Healing The Psychic Conflict

The main task in every case of cancer is to find the original emotional shock experience and make sure that it has been healed or is being healed. In many cases it will have corrected itself, and the patient suffers from an effect of the healing phase. For instance, someone may have lost a farm or a business, but has now started another satisfying venture or hobby. As an after effect, there may now be a tumour that gradually becomes dormant or eventually disintegrates. About 40% of tumours discovered during routine medical investigations are said to be old and harmless; that is, dormant and calcified. However, complications mat still arise if medical intervention then instills a fear-of-death conflict-shock that induces the same or another tumour to grow.

Nevertheless, in other cases the original conflict may still be active, or there may be a second active conflict. As we do not know, we have to probe in every case to find the original and any other conflicts. We need to think back, especially one to two years before the problem started, and analyse the emotional history during this time as well as before and after. Also, meditation, hypnosis, or regression therapy may be useful to discover the conflict shocks.

If we have a strong emotional response when we discover the content of the conflict, then we can be sure it is still unresolved. If possible, it is best to solve it in a natural way. For instance, if it was caused by losing a partner, then you could find someone new; if you lost a child, you could become pregnant again (cancer does not continue to grow after the third month, as pregnancy has priority) or adopt a child. However, it is not the fact of being pregnant or having a new partner that heals but, rather, having the possibility of coming to terms with our loss, accepting it and getting on with life. Whoever cannot do this will not benefit from having a new partner/child/pet, but a good therapist may still find it easier to help that person.

If a natural solution is not possible or if you don't have access to a therapist, then the use of guided imagery either on your own or with the help of a partner or a close friend is very helpful. In a relaxed and meditative state, re-create and re-experience the conflict as intensely as you can, but then substitute an acceptable or a desirable outcome. Create and experience this new outcome as vividly and as detailed as possible; see it, feel it, and possibly even hear and smell it. The original experience may also have imprinted you with memories of unrelated details (tracks) of your ordeal, to which you may now react with allergies. You can try to also overcome these with guided imagery.

If neither of these methods is possible because you feel that you have to continue your present duties or ordeal for whatever reason, then only increased spiritual understanding and acceptance may be able to help. In either case, be aware of your vulnerabilities and avoid any further conflict-shocks, but if one does happen, get it out of your system as soon as possible.

In addition, I firmly believe that all conflicts will be terminated and the healing phase will begin when we are able to feel love and forgiveness strongly within ourselves and then radiate it to all others, but especially to anyone we feel may have wronged us. We can further ease the healing phase by expecting it to be short and mild and to lead to full recovery.

According to Dr Hamer, animals in the wild get cancer from the same shock programs that we do. However 80- 90% survive and don't notice much because the healing phase can take its natural course. Those that die are mainly old animals that cannot resolve a conflict, such as regaining their territory from a rival or replacing a lost cub.

It is different in our society, as the natural healing process is routinely interfered with. It starts with getting tranquillisers or anti-depressants during the active conflict phase, which prevents us from fighting back and regaining our territory. This may then lead to a cancer diagnosis that causes an additional active conflict and may end with the prescription of morphine, which then totally disables our healing responses.

While Dr Hamer does not believe that health foods, remedies, cleansing or healthy living in general can cure cancer, these certainly can be important in order to survive the ordeals of the healing phase.

Actually Dr Hamer regards all diseases as consisting of two phases: initially with active conflict, followed (if possible) by a healing phase that reverses the conflict program. He does not call them diseases any more but, rather, special biological programs. He is stated to have worked with over 31,000 patients and found his theories confirmed in every single case without exception. He claims that, overall, the New Medicine has a 95% success rate in reversing cancer under ideal conditions, e.g., early resolution of the conflict, no new conflict and no interference from conventional medicine. However, many patients with advanced conditions may not be able to resolve their conflicts, or do so only too late, and thus fail to respond to treatment.

The Persecution Of Dr Hamer

Siemens, manufacturer of the CT equipment, has independently verified the existence of the Hamer Herds in the brain. Furthermore, in 1998 the University of Trnava in Slovakia confirmed the diagnostic significance of the Hamer Herds. Nevertheless, Dr Hamer has faced exceptional persecution.

Under German law, a license to practice medicine can be withdrawn if the doctor has diminished mental abilities. This law was used in 1986 by a German district court to withdraw Dr Hamer's license to practice. As proof of Dr Hamer's supposedly inadequate mental condition, the court stated that he was not willing to retract his theories and swear allegiance to the principles of orthodox medicine.

Even worse, the court discovered evidence that he was incapable of converting to the principles of orthodox medicine: he had tried to convince a group of prominent professors of the correctness of his theories only one month before the court case! One year later, the same court requested a psychiatric assessment of is mental abilities, which Dr Hamer refused. Without ever seeing him, a court-appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Dr Hamer as being a psychopath!

In 1997, Dr Hamer was arrested and jailed for 18 months under an obscure natural therapy law introduced under Adolf Hitler to suppress the Gypsies. His crime was that he has given free health advice to some individuals who had asked him for his opinion. The public prosecutor openly stated that all means must be used to remove Dr Hamer from society. Compare this to a 13 year delay of the trial of his son's killer and then a sentence of only six months on probation. This mild sentence may have had something to do with the accused being the Prince of Savoy, the son of the last king of Italy.

Since 1999, Dr Hamer has lived in Spain because courts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland now want to try him because some cancer patients died supposedly as a result of following his advice. According to this reasoning, Dr Hamer is a mass murderer because he denied cancer patients the supposedly safe and effective treatment offered by orthodox medicine.

Furthermore, a public prosecutor initiated a civil action against Dr Hamer for a large sum of money because he had advised a patient against having chemotherapy. In another instance, the parents of a little girl, Olivia Pilhar, who had been treated by Dr Hamer, received an eight month suspended jail sentence for temporarily evading chemotherapy treatment for their daughter and after the girl had finally been removed from their custody and treated against their will. This can happen anywhere in the Western world. In Australia, a mother recently told me that while she did not believe in chemotherapy and would prefer natural therapy for her daughter with leukaemia, she had to go along with it because the treating doctor threatened to take her to court if she refused.

There is no cancer therapist in the world who has not had patients die under their care. However, even with advanced cases, Dr Hamers success rate is exceptionally high. This witch-hunt has been compared to the fate of Dr Semmelweis, who suggested that surgeons wash their hands before operations and was sent to a mental asylum where he died aged forty seven.

Dr Hamer has survived eight assassination attempts, and the mass media in Germany treat him as a deranged criminal. While many individual doctors, including professors of medicine, have verified the principles of the New Medicine, so far no German university has agreed to test them, despite a court order that the University of Tubengen conduct such tests.

Furthermore, doctors and natural therapists in Europe who practice according to the principles of the New Medicine face persecution. In Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany, authorities have started proceedings against such doctors to take away their right to practice. Court cases have been going on for years. Only the courts in Spain have adopted the enlightened position that it is not their role to decide between conflicting medical theories and therapies.

The vicious response of the Establishment is understandable because widespread knowledge and application of the New Medicine would mean the end of the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

However, in 2001 a prominent neurologist openly defended Dr Hamer by publishing a book about the New Medicine and demanding that his theories be tested officially. Because Dr Therese von Schwarzenberg also belongs to the high nobility, the mass media are in a bind as to what position to take on this. Until now, they have only reported about Dr Hamer in the most derogatory ways, and now there's a high-profile personality who claims that Dr Hamer is right and deserves a Nobel Prize!

Nevertheless, the official response of prominent oncologists still remains that it is totally absurd to assume emotions could be important in the cause and cure of cancer and, therefore, Dr Hamer's claims must not be tested.

The following list shows some of the relationships between conflict emotions and target organs.

Adrenal cortex - Wrong direction, gone astray.
Bladder - Ugly conflict, dirty tricks.
Bone - lack of self worth, inferiority feeling.
Breast milk gland - involving care of disharmony.
Breast milk duct - separation conflict.
Breast, left (right-handed) - conflict concerning child, home or mother.
Breast, right (right-handed) - conflict with partner or others.
Bronchiales - territorial conflict.
Cervix - severe frustration.
Colon - ugly indigestible conflict.
Gall Bladder - rivalry conflict.
Heart - perpetual conflict.
Intestines - indigestible chunk of anger.
Kidneys - not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict.
Larynx - conflict of fear and fright.
Liver - fear of starvation.
Lung - fear of dying or suffocation, including fear for someone else.
Lymph Glands - loss of self-worth associated with the location.
Melanoma - feeling dirty, soiled, defiled.
Middle ear - not being able to get some vital information.
Mouth - cannot chew or hold it.
Oesophagus - cannot have/swallow it.
Pancreas - anxiety-anger conflict with family members, inheritance.
Prostate - ugly conflict with sexual connections or connotations.
Rectum - fear of being useless.
Skin - loss of integrity.
Spleen - shock of being physically or emotionally wounded.
Stomach - indigestible anger, swallowed too much.
Testes and Ovaries - loss conflict.
Thyroid - feeling powerless.
Uterus - sexual conflict.

These are some other specific diseases which are related to
conflict emotions:

AIDS - Dr Hamer observes that no one ever died of AIDS without having previously been told that they are HIV positive or believing that they are. The implication is that, just as with cancer, it is the negative perception associated with AIDS that causes its devastating effect.

Angina Pectoris - Caused by territorial conflict in the active phase, and heart infarct in the healing phase.

Diabetes and hypoglycaemia - A right-handed females develops hypoglycaemia from anxiety and revulsion, but if left-handed she develops insulin-dependent diabetes. A right-handed male develops insulin-dependant diabetes from a conflict of resisting or struggling against something, but if left-handed he develops hypoglycaemia.

Facial Paralysis - Fear of losing face, having been made a laughing stock.

Haemorrhoids - A right handed woman with an identity conflict and a left handed man with territorial anger in the healing phase with get haemorrhoids.

Heart infarction - Fight for territory or its content.

Multiple sclerosis and paralysis - Inability to escape, continue on or to hold onto, or not knowing what to do.

Psoriasis - Involves separation conflict concerning mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.

Psychoses - of all kinds have one or more active Hamer Herds in each of the two parts of the brain.

Rheumatism - A brutal separation conflict causing pain or suffering.

Vitiligo, Leukoderma - An ugly or brutal separation conflict.

A Note On Handedness

Left-handed individuals develop problems on opposite sides to genuine right-handed individuals. Handedness can be tested by observing which hand is on top when clapping. This is the leading hand. With right-handedness, all muscles on the right side of the body are involved with partners and possibly other individuals, and all left-sided muscles with children or their own mother.

These conditions may change with hormonal changes, as with use of the birth control pill or with menopause.

All living things in the plant and animal world have within them an amazing capacity to heal.

Every person has an amazing capacity to heal or self-correct. In working with other people, invite them to go deep within themselves to the source of their own healing capacity, and ask their subconscious minds to DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. This will afford a healing capacity within the subject, and allow them to achieve whatever it may be that they wish to achieve.

The mind and the cells of the body continuously interact but they are not entirely one and the same. The body is reliant on the mind for its existence and health, while likewise the mind is reliant on the body for both the former and the latter. This continual energy exchange is then reflected physically, emotionally, and mentally into the external world as the Sum Of Us. Presented as who we all really are, which is a physical and mental projection of all our combined memories.

Rick Collingwood. - 2003


great knoewledge about thought o de hamer

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