Articles on Hypnosis & Other Related Topics

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing uses vibration, frequency, sound, toning, chanting, song and music to create shifts in the body, mind and spirit.

The Pineal Gland - How to Activate Your Third Eye

This article discusses exactly what the Pineal Gland is, its relationship with what is known as the Third Eye, and practical tips on how to unlock it's hidden abilities.

Meditation Can Change Your Brain

Scientists have developed a more thorough understanding of what’s taking place in our brains when we meditate and there are real, measurable, physical changes that take place in the brain.

The Difference Between Laziness, Procrastination & Lack of Motivation

Many people get laziness and; procrastination confused with 'lack of motivation'. In my opinion all these behaviors are inter-connected at a deeper level emotionally and mentally.

Kundalini Awakening Information, Reasoning & Potential Dangers

This article primarily serves as a source of information, precaution, and possible reasoning behind the practice of trying to awaken one's Kundalini.

Understanding Dreams & the Dream State

The dream state is a very interesting phenomenon. Basically it is a subconscious manifestation of what we are consciously or subconsciously thinking or focusing on.

The Essential Guide to Meditation: Practice, Suggestions & Intent

This article by Giovanni Lordi explains all about the art of meditation. It is designed for those who are new to meditation and want to know more about how it works, some ways to meditate and other suggestions to get the most from the overall experience.

Introducing Your Child to Meditation - Why & How?

In this article we talk about the benfits of introducing your child to meditation, how their imagination plays such an important role, and the best ways to show them how.