Do You 'Really' Know You're Alive?

02nd October 2015

Sometimes in life we all say things like:
"Why is life so...?"
"I feel like...?"
"Life's like this, life's like that..."

However, did you ever 'really' think about what you 'really' want? Most of us just live our lives having experiences, reacting to certain things that happen, and generally just being a follower and not a leader.

Sometimes what we usually forget is what we actually want...
"What do you want to experience in your life?"
"What do you want to feel?"
"What do you want?"

We all need to be reminded once in a while that we have our own goals and desires we wish to achieve. We must set these goals & desires, and go after them if we truly want them to become our reality. That distant mountain is not meant just to be looked at, but for us to climb to the top.

It is important for us to get conscious to our own desires, to really know that we want something, not that we'll just live day to day and wonder why it hasn't happened. Our brains are constantly thinking, running through images and phrases and all sorts of chaotic mess while we're at work, school or anywhere.

What YOU need to do is get aware of what you are thinking, snap out of the bad ones, and focus on what you really want. But don't just think about it once, you may be surprised with how your life will change with a bit of practice!

If you connect with what I'm saying here, I'd like to recommend the 2 value packs I recorded below:

(use this if you're always thinking negative and repeating the same mistakes in your life, it's time to turn things around.)

(use this if you are feeling disconnected and lost within yourself, and get the peace, empowerment and direction you need.)

Here's to flowing with the rhythm of your life...

Giovanni Lordi

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