Overcome self sabotage with post hypnotic suggestions

24th April 2017

Firstly, what is self sabotage?

We have all experienced a time in our lives when we have been working towards something that we want, be it a job promotion or a new relationship, and we do something that is completely against our own self interests. Known as self sabotage, we do things that are in conflict with what we want. Self sabotage can be as simple as fearing failure and so not taking the steps to ensure success, or it can be as dangerous as over eating and substance abuse. Until we recognise that we are engaging in these behaviours and take positive steps to overcome them we remain chained to our past and unable to move fearlessly and proudly into the future we know is our true potential.

There are many different methods for overcoming self sabotage – not all equally effective. Most people usually start by using will power to change the things they believe need changing. Soon enough they discover that will power doesn't work and if they do succeed it is in spite of will power -not because of it. Fortunately there is an extremely effective and relatively easy process by which to overcome self sabotage – post hypnotic suggestions.

What are post hypnotic suggestions?

In formal hypnosis a post hypnotic suggestion is often given to the client. The purpose of such suggestions is to prime a certain behaviour to a specific cue that will arise during the day to day life of the client. An example could be the hypnotherapist suggesting that the patient will feel feelings of empowerment whenever they see the colour red. This works for the simple reason that it bypasses the conscious mind causing the desired behaviour to happen automatically. Unfortunately these suggestions are a double edged sword – they can be negative as well as positive. Their power lies in the fact they work regardless of intent. We all give ourselves the equivalent of post-hypnotic suggestions all the time and carry them out without realising. Every time we think to ourselves 'I'm just not good at talking to new people' or 'I can't do that. I'll look stupid' we are giving ourselves a command to obey in the future unthinkingly– we make the suggestion our future reality.

So how can we turn this knowledge to our advantage?

How do we learn to effectively use tried and tested hypnotic techniques such as post hypnotic suggestions to create positive, lasting change in our lives? Well fortunately it is actually quite easy. All that is required is a basic understanding of how the three levels of mind work together and the discipline to take the required steps and trust in the process.

What are the three levels of mind and how do they work together?

The mind is best thought of as being comprised of three levels – the unconscious, the subconscious and the conscious. Of course, in reality the mind is one, inseparable from its functions, however like anything by breaking something down into its parts we can learn to utilise it more effectively.

1. The Unconscious

At the very deepest level of mind we have the unconscious controlling functions that are basic to life. These include reflexive actions, heartbeat, breathing, digestion and any and all of the body’s automatic functions. It is possible to influence some of these functions consciously however for the most part they happen unconsciously.

2. The Subconscious

 At the next level of mind we have the subconscious. Best thought of as a faithful servant only wanting to do the best by his master, it is at this level where our hidden thoughts and beliefs are stored. The subconscious is also responsible for filtering the vast amounts of data bombarding our senses at any given moment. It does this by a series of three processes – distortion, deletion and generalisation. Now these three processes are extremely important because without them we would be overwhelmed and unable to focus on anything for even the smallest amount of time. However for the most part the master (conscious mind) hasn’t given clear instructions (or worse doesn't really know what it wants). Small wonder the subconscious makes such a mess of things. For example if the conscious mind formed the belief that it is worthless the subconscious will do everything in its power to produce data that reinforces that viewpoint and to ignore data that conflicts with it. This is why change, real change, has to happen at deeper levels. By the time data reaches the conscious mind we want it to reflect the direction we want to head, not the default as per usual.

3. The Conscious

Finally we have the conscious mind. This is the analytical aspect of the mind – paying attention to all data that comes in past the filters of the subconscious. It is this aspect of mind that we usually engage when attempting positive change in our lives – an uphill battle as we all know.

So how do we put all of this together in a workable way to create real, positive lasting change in our lives?

Of course one can go to a recommended hypnotherapist and detail the changes they would like to see and trust the hypnotherapist to install effective post hypnotic suggestions. Another way is to use hypnosis mp3's that are specifically created to address your particular issue. These recordings typically include post hypnotic suggestions and embedded commands that prime your subconscious mind to not only respond to situations in positive, meaningful ways that allow you to grow and succeed in whatever direction you decide to embark but also to recognise unhelpful, negative thought patterns and behaviours that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.


Love this article and I can relate to it so much. Thanks for sharing your perspective and knowledge.

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