Sleep Issues & White Noise Meditations

The wide variety of programs presented below have been specifically designed and chosen to help you sleep better, overcome insomnia and also promote the different levels of dream states useful in cultivating your personal and spiritual development.

Many people in the world today just do not get enough sleep. Perpetually tired and growing ever reliant upon caffeine and other stimulants just to get through the day, it is no wonder that our relationships and productivity continue to suffer. Our minds are ever racing with thoughts of tomorrow and yesterday, worries about finances and job promotions and children and when we do get a few hours rest - well, they just aren't enough to recharge the batteries and leave us feeling refreshed.

Do you identify with the above? Chances are that you do. Fortunately, just by listening to one or more of the programs below you can restore your ability to drift away into sleep and awaken feeling like a brand new person. Try them - they really do work. We have received consistent feedback from people from all walks of life that have used these hypnosis recordings to achieve what prescription sedatives cannot - natural, restorative sleep.

And this is just the beginning. You can also use some of the recordings below to learn how to explore the dream state consciously - a process known as lucid dreaming. This in itself is a powerful change technique, time honored by some of the greatest spiritual traditions this world has ever seen and is here streamlined for you to use for your benefit, free from religious overtones and connotations and more powerful than any so-called 'high' you have ever experienced.

Truly, the programs presented below will change your life for the better - one deep sleep at a time.