White Noise Meditation

George Baker is the founder of the revolutionary White Noise Meditation series of CDs. George has been producing brainwave entrainment audio for more than 2 decades. He has released over 50 different CDs and MP3s and inspired many other authors to use similar technology.

The White Noise Meditation series is designed to help you reach exact levels of consciousness for your own meditative purposes. These recordings achieve this with by embedding powerful binaural and isochronic frequencies within encoded white and pink noise. The Soundscape series available here also includes ambient background music to further enhance your listening experience.

White Noise Meditations Can Be Used For:

Theta & Delta Titles

  • Profoundly deep meditation experiences
  • Mind body connection purposes
  • Achieve quicker and deeper levels of sleep
  • Experience the benefits from instant deep relaxation
  • Enhance visualizations and lucid dreams

Alpha Titles

  • As a soundtrack to use whilst studying
  • Soundtrack to enhance creative activities such as painting and writing
  • Help gain clarity for important decisions
  • Achieve light levels of meditation where conscious thought is still required

What is White Noise?

White noise is similar to the static sound you may hear when your TV is not tuned in to a station. When added to the carrier note frequency of a binaural beat it actually enhances the corresponding brainwave entrainment effect of that sound.
White Noise encompasses most of the audible hearing frequency spectrum and is useful to entrain the brain into deeper levels of consciousness when used on it’s own or in conjunction with binaural, isochronic or even monaural audio frequencies.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are the resulting frequency that you brain will pick up on when two slightly different separate frequencies are played in the left and right channels of an audio file. It is the way in which the left and right sides of your brain process the to slightly different frequencies that creates a resulting

Instructions for Use

To get the most out of these CDs simply find a quiet place to yourself, put on some headphones and drift away with the relaxing qualities of any of the White Noise programs. It is fine to transfer your CD to an MP3 file and play it through your MP3 player. These programs must be used through headphones to maintain the binaural effect.