Listening Earth

Andrew Skeoch and his wife Sarah Koschak are the founders of Listening Earth. They are internationally recognized and have provided their nature sound recordings for many film and television soundtracks including collaborating with Peter Gabriel for the Australian film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’.

These award winning nature recordings feature crystal clear sounds of pristine natural environments from Australia and around the world. They are in essence the music of Mother Nature as you would hear in the wild. These products are perfect to use for meditations, falling asleep to, to relax with or even to set an ambient atmosphere whilst you work around the house.

"Every one of our CDs begins with a journey. People often think we have great holidays on our field trips. Well, we certainly enjoy our time exploring nature, but obtaining the quality of material we strive for takes patience and perseverance. We have taught ourselves most of what we know; not only about the bush but also the techniques of our art." - Andrew