Spiritual development & Music

The albums in this range are beautifully designed to promote your own spiritual growth as well as the exploration of the different levels of your consciousness.

Many people come to spirituality because they feel something is missing from their lives, that all the material objects that fill up their daily existence are just illusions keeping them from truly knowing who they really are and what their purpose truly is.

Spirituality can be both a simple, personal quest to discover the truth of your existence and it can also be a profound, detailed map connecting you with other seekers and the divine ground of all creation.

The hypnosis programs that we present below have been handpicked for their effectiveness in helping you along on your spiritual journey. Tried and tested by seekers of all faiths and persuasions they truly are a gift from the spirit, to the spirit, for the spirit. Whether it is inner peace and calm that you search for, or emotional freedom to identify with the great I AM, you will surely find a great and wise friend within these programs to assist you in finding your own way.

Many, many others have utilized these hypnotic meditations, and traveled further along the path to enlightenment than would have ever been possible without them. It is true, these programs are not a substitute for genuine spiritual practice, however, in today’s time-poor world full of false gods and impure motivations, they truly are the gift needed to guide your hand and steady your feet until you become strong enough in your own ‘I AM-ness’ that you become the only guide you will ever need. Until that time, my friend, may we journey together and heal as one in Peace and Love and Light.