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The Free Online Hypnosis Community is the fasting growing hypnosis community on the web. Join now to get a wealth of information on hypnosis issues.


Law Information for Australians


A UK website regarding all things paranormal, very interesting.


Aspartame & Aspartame Poisoning information

Krystal Kolours

The Energy Centre of Coffs Harbour, offering Spiritual Communication, Energy healings, Intuitive Massage, Meditation groups & workshops, as well as, all the tools for your journey – cd’s, books, dvd’s

Vivid Life Empowerment Course

A great online course for spiritual growth, personal development and developing the tools to live consciously.

Imagine If Media Brisbane

This is the website company we use for our own site. They do the do development, building, SEO, design, and producing the audio and artwork for many of the albums on this site.