Hypnosis for Children Information

Child asleep

Rick Collingwood was one of the first hypnotherapists in the world to develop a range of hypnosis CDs for children. These are 100% professionally developed completely safe therapy sessions designed to alleviate a number of common early childhood issues.

What is Contained on Each Recording?

Each recording in the children's Hypnotic Sleep Story range is formatted with some very special therapy & audio techniques:

1. A spoken metaphorical story utilizing mild hypnotic techniques

  • Exciting storyline full of interesting characters that young children can relate to
  • Numerous metaphorical suggestions congruent to the topic of the recording
  • Presented in a mild hypnotic manner for deep relaxation and enhanced receptivity

This combination means that the fundamental positive ideas are more easily understood by the child and put into action in their day to day life.

2. Theta frequencies & classical music soundtrack

  • Medically tested and completely safe
  • Promote a deep relaxation and sleep transition
  • Enhance subconscious receptivity to the positive ideas within the story

These frequencies induce a nice deep sleep state to further enable the child to adopt new and better behaviors.

Instructions for Use

Play at least one title per day/night for 6-8 weeks.

The best time to use the programs are of a night time just before and whilst your child sleeps or during the during when they have a nap or quiet time.

It is fine to use up to 3 titles in the same 6-8 week, just alternate evenly between the titles on a daily basis.

How Can Hypnosis Help Children?

The mind of a young child is a wonderful resource of imagination, innocence and untapped potential. Hypnosis helps gently implement new and more beneficial ways of doing certain things and to help override any negative patterns that are being formed.

Through creative visualization techniques and capturing the imagination of the child under gentle hypnosis, it is possible to make positive, permanent changes at the deepest level of their mind. These values are then taken with them all the way through their adult life too.

Rick Collingwood uses a special format of hypnotherapy for children wherein the words he uses are much simpler and conducive of stimulating the imagination of the child. He also uses more expressive language patterns and fluctuates the tone of his voice more so then in the other adult hypnosis titles. This makes it more interesting for the child to listen to and captivates their conscious attention which helps the relaxation process.

In fact normal bed time stories can often at times have a hypnotic effect also. This is why it is never a good idea to tell scary stories before bed because the child's imagination and subconscious influence can lead to nightmares.

In saying this there is absolutely no negative ideas, language patterns or characters in any of the Children's stories. This is something that was carefully considered during the extensive development of this series.


Q: Are these CDs safe for my child to listen to?
A: The recordings are completely safe and proven to be effective.

Q: What age should children be to use the programs?
A: The Children's Hypnotic Sleep Story series is for children aged between 2 to 11 years old.

Q: Will the programs tell my child to do something without them knowing?
A: The recordings are designed to actually allow your child to make the decisions for positive change based on their own belief system. They will absolutely not make your child do anything that is outside of their better will or judgement.

Q: is it OK for my child to fall asleep using the CDs?
A: It is actually beneficial for them to fall alsleep as this is when their imagination and subconscious mind is at it's most receptive; meaning the results become deeper and more absorbed.

Q: Is it OK to transfer the MP3 files to an audio CD?
A: This is fine and will result in no loss of any important frequencies or audio.