About the Subliminal Messages on Our Recordings

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FAQs and Information on Subliminal Messages

The effectiveness of the Life Improvement Series of Personal Hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s is enhanced because of Rick's unique format which combines expert professional therapeutic hypnotic techniques, a patented frequency combination, and self empowering subliminal messages layered just below normal hearing level.

What are Subliminal Messages?

The subliminal messages Rick uses are all positive and short statements that are recorded just below the normal audible hearing level. The subliminal messages are generic to all recordings and are all short two or three word positive statements. The statements on each CD or MP3 are looped continuously from the beginning to the end of track two which is the therapeutic program.

What Subliminal Messages Are Contained on Rick's Hypnosis Recordings?

Each one of the Life Improvement Series personal hypnotherapy CDs or MP3's contain the following subliminals:

I Am – I Can – I Do – I Will – Happy Me – Clear Mind – Confident Me – Do It Now – Peace and Clear – Feel Good Now

Are they Safe?

These messages are 100% completely safe. They are proven to reinforce positive change subconsciously.

How Do they Work?

The messages, although not consciously audible, are still relayed through to the subconscious mind. They are spoken in simple direct phrases in the 'first person' narrative. This means that the messages are easily understood by the subconscious mind and subsequently add to the overall effectiveness of the hypnosis session through your outcomes.

But if I Can't Hear Them How Can They Be Effective?

The brain has multiple auditory sensors. Our sub-audible processors are more sensitive to sound, than the super-audible set. This means that the subliminal messages are not heard by our super-audible sensors but are actually received by the sub-audible sensors. There is a direct relationship between our sub-audible processors and and what is perceived by the subconscious mind.

What Are Neurosonic Frequencies?

These are special audio frequencies contained on each of Rick's hypnosis recordings, they took three years to develop. These were developed and patented by Rick Collingwood and are unique to his recordings and a select few of the extended Mind Motivations personal hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s by other authors.

Neurosonic Frequencies are proven through the use an EEG machine to assist transition into the Theta state of mind. These frequencies assist the hypnotic experience and also allow the subliminal messages to be more effective.