Hypnosis Information

Below is some information and resources about hypnosis as well as our specific audio programs. If there is something in particular that we have not covered, please contact us here for assistance.

Instructions to Best Use Our Programs

The recommended ways to use all of the personal hypnotherapy CDs & MP3s in our catalog. Following these instructions will help improve your results and and make the most from these programs.

About the Subliminal Messages on Our Recordings

The subliminal messages we use are all positive and short statements that are recorded just below the normal audible hearing level. The subliminal messages are short two or three word positive statements.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Hypnotherapy Program

So you're looking to change or to improve your life? No doubt you've trawled the internet and found thousands of so called hypnosis recordings many making all sorts of magical and even outrageous claims. However you there are some important things that you should seriously consider before you make your choice.

What is Hypnosis?

Everything you need to know about what hypnosis is, how it is different to hypnotherapy, and the main roles of the mind for making change using this remarkable modality.

About Our Hypnosis Recordings

The CDs induce a state of deep hypnosis via the special patented frequency combination. Once the deep state of hypnosis has been induced, usually about five minutes, then the directly spoken suggestions and the positive subliminal messages are heard.

FAQ About Hypnosis

The most common questions about hypnosis and use of our recorded programs answered.

Hypnosis for Charity

Rick Collingwood, Mind Motivations & Resonanz Recordings regularly donate time and free hypnosis CDs to needy individuals, groups, and charity organisations.

Hypnosis for Children Information

Rick was one of the first hypnotherapists in the world to develop a range of hypnosis CDs for children. These are 100% professionally developed completely safe therapy sessions designed to alleviate a number of common early childhood issues.

Hypnotherapy & Cancer Trial Report - Rick Collingwood, 2005

In 2005 in Perth Western Australia, Rick Collingwood and a pharmaceutical colleague Nathan Elliot, conducted a full clinical trial to gather data on the effects of Rick's specialized mind body hypnotherapy techniques on the quality of life of cancer patients.