Free Hypnotic Spiral

Can I Be Hypnotized?

Elderly woman shrugging shouldersHave you ever wondered how susceptible you are to hypnosis? Find out now with our free Hypnotic Spiral and Receptivity Test.

It is important to note that EVERYONE CAN BE HYPNOTIZED to some degree, only some people are easier to hypnotize then others and some people can enter into a deeper hypnotic trance then others. This test is a decent way to judge for yourself your own susceptibility.


Below is the link to view the spinning spiral. Gaze into the spiral and count slowly back from 20 to 1 and when you get to 1 then flick your eyes into the palm of your hand. Note what you see, then press the back button on your browser to return here and read the results below.

Click Here To View the Spiral

Receptivity Test Results Evaluation

Your Response Susceptibility Evaluation
I saw nothing unusual. You are rather difficult to hypnotize.
The spiral appeared to change repeatably in different ways and my hand really grew and swirled when I looked at it. You are quite easily hypnotized and capable of achieving a deep trance state.
The spiral changed repeatedly in many different ways and I even saw flashes of colour. My hand expanded and contracted and I felt an almost daydream feeling. You are very hypnotizable, you would be a perfect volunteer for a stage hypnotist.

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