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Giovanni is genius! I have personally talked to him about my stuttering problem. He really knows a lot. I have been using this CD for one week. I have also found the noticeable change. I would keep using it for sure. Thanks Giovanni!


Matt Vasil

Very good, well done. This is probably my favourite recording too. I've used it for about 4 weeks now and I notice some definite changes, mostly with my studies. Can you make some more titles like this, maybe something for creativity?

Letting Go


Giovanni, I live in the UK and bought some of your recordings via mobile through the app store. Just wanted to say thank you very much as you've changed my life. Keep up the good work.

Pain Free

Tanya Hoffman

I was in pain for years with arthritis and a new doctor knocked it out completly. I was thinking about it and couldn't let it go.I bought Pain Free at lunchtime yesterday and haave moved on from the anger I felt at previous Doctor's incompetence. I played it all night and feel so free of the memories of pain.

Thankyou Tanya

Fear & Panic Free

Karen Smith

Oh my gosh, your CDs are awesome. I had shocking fear and panic - left over from terrible things which happened in the past - and your CDs have kind of worked overnight (I have been using them for a while now). I thought I would never be free from the dreadful fear, even though I have a very happy life now. Thank You seems too tiny and so inadequate, but thank you for changing my life. I am...

Quit Smoking


Dear Mr Collingwood,

I have been a smoker for 20 plus years. I was never serious about quitting smoking.

However, it was my life and my decision to do whatever I wanted to do. Somewhere in April 2009 I was in one of the shops looking around then accidentally I saw a CD collection from Rick Collingwood Quit Smoking I bought that CD like many other items that I purchased before...

Insomnia Cure


The reason I am buying these other CDs is that I was given the 'Insomnia Cure' CD. When I first started using it, I just laughed and laughed and thought, 'what a load of hogwash - how ridiculous and what a waste of time and money', especially when he spoke about the 'tomato plant' and 'the conscious mind not knowing what the unconscious mind knows... etc...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control

Debra Rayas

About two years ago I ordered Rick Collingwood's CD, Weight Loss and Appetite Control. I heard him on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I was in my 50s, 5'3", and weighed 177 lbs. I had tried and tried to lose weight for years after I had my son 25 years ago, and nothing worked. I was fat, fatigued, depressed, and desperate. I had prayed to God for help. I had no idea that the...

Enhance Your Intuition

Anthony von Moger

fantastic, i used intuition. as a homeopath see and been practising in Oz for 6o years between my father and myself, i found this cd fantastic. As explained in the cd you have the conscious part which is like part of iceberg you see and the HUGE part of iceberg you don't see, the unconscious which we seem to...

Panic Attacks


Absolutely loved this hypnosis! The quality of the recording is amazing, the voice is sooo soothing, and the suggestions seem very powerful. Definitely recommend!

Self Worth & Optimism


Dear Rick,

Thank you for producing such wonderful recordings. In the past few months, I've purchased the following MP3s: Self Worth & Optimism, Mind-Body Healing, Creating Abundance, and PTSD & Anxiety. Though all are fantastic, I've found the PTSD recording to truly be transformational for me. I've only had it for about a month, yet I'm realizing...

Insomnia Cure


Hello Rick,

I just had to get in touch to let you know how much better I am sleeping! In honesty I didn't expect the programme to work but after 7 years of sleep problems I was getting desperate. I did exactly as instructed, after almost 5 weeks my sleep wasn't much better but I kept on. I stopped listening at the end of week 5 (plus the first 10 days so nearly week 7) and...

Quit Smoking

Helene Malmsio

This is the first letter I have ever written about a product result, but as a great believer of thank you notes, I wanted to tell you and thank you for my wonderful news. I had been a heavy smoker for 30 years.Tried to stop smoking in the 80s when the bad news came out about smoking and addiction. Even had personal hypnosis sessions, gum, patches, etc. without succeeding.

Bought your CD...

Insomnia Cure


Hello there!

Just a note to let you know how fabulous your programs are. I have been suffering from insomnia for about seven years or more. I had tried everything including sleeping tablets, valerian, melatonin, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, allergy treatments, magnetic sleep system, Niagara therapy massage bed - you name it, I have tried it - and all to no avail. My problem was...

Control the Gambling Urge


Dear Rick,
The last 15 years of my life have been like, to put it bluntly, ‘living in hell’…caught in a trap & not knowing the way out, unhappy, depressed, physically ill & all that goes with it. No one knows…I’ve kept it a secret for all these years from my friends & family…I’ve sought help from a hypnotherapist, counsellors, read everything I could on the internet, and...

Insomnia Cure


I have recently begun using your CD for insomnia, with great results! It is amazing how a good nights sleep can improve the quality of your life. I am interested in speaking with someone on selecting other CD's in the series that might further benefit me. The retail outlet where I purchased the CD, while friendly were unable to help with any inquiries. Their only assistance in the process...

ToolBox 4 Life

Adriana Ortisi

Reading The Toolbox 4 Life really helped me gain knowlege and understanding on how to tackle chalenegs, look at situations differently, and understand why things may happen the way they do, with an educated and open mind. I beleive everyone should have a read of this book, to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

ToolBox 4 Life


"Toolbox 4 life could not have come at a better time in my life, right when I needed it the most. It has helped me as much as if I had gone out and got a therapist. 2012 started on a bad note for me, a beloved pet was tragically killed and in the space of 2 months I incurred 3 fines adding up to over $600. My employment was halved and I embarked on a career change by going back to school...

Weight Loss 5 Pack


I hope you all have someone to love like I do for the past 26 years, but if not give this a try. This stuff really works. I've used some other CDs for helping me relax, weight loss. These CDs helped me dump 50 lbs of lard. Yee! Haw!

Inner Peace


One of the most beautiful hypnosis albums I have ever heard. I felt completely soothed and relaxed afterwards. Definitely recommend :)