New Reports On ADD/ADDHD & The Link With Hypnotherapy

25th October 2010
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Hypnosis, ADD - ADHD and Brainwave Activity

It may come as a surprise to some that ADD/ADHD actually occurs because the child or adult's brainwave function is functioning in the lower levels not in the higher levels of brainwave resonance. One may have thought that children with attention and concentration problems are operating in the higher levels of Beta as they seem to be 'always on the go', overactive or simply just doing everything so quick.

In actual fact EEG tests have confirmed that ADD and ADHD show predominant Alpha Brainwave activity, which is usually associated with daydreaming and light relaxation. This is why common ADD prescription drugs contain active ingredients that raise the brainwave activity within the child.

This makes all the difference in the behavior and the level of attention within the child.

Did you know that divorce is More Likely for Parents of ADD/ADHD Children. This is simply because of the stresses involved in raising an ADD child and the mental and physical strain it encompasses.

This is point is reinforced through a study found in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.


COLUMBUS, Ohio Researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine are conducting one of the first double-blind studies in the country to examine the effectiveness of neurofeedback in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a method of training the brain to function more efficiently. The study measures the child's brain waves while playing a video game. As they begin to lose focus on the game and their brain waves slow down, the child's ability to control the game decreases and they are prompted to refocus, speeding up the brain waves.

Until they regain the correct amount of focus on the game, as measured by their brain waves, the game ceases to function normally. Sensitivity of the game's controllers will change based on the child's brain waves.

Why is hypnosis effective for people with ADHD?

Most ADHD-ers are dying to get off merry-go-round of tension and anxiety. I've treated many, and ironically the more hyper someone is, the faster and easier they are to get into trance! I usually work with ADHD-ers and ADD-ers to gain focus, set realistic goals and attain them, be calmer, and use the condition as a gift vs. a curse.

Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be hard. People can think you are being deliberately annoying when really, you are just being you.

ADHD means hyperactivity; the feeling of needing to move or change your focus of attention often. The overwhelming desire for physical action can lead to feelings of restlessness and boredom when other people want you to focus and concentrate for long periods.

Having ADHD is also characterized by impulsiveness which can mean acting before thinking sometimes. ADHD may sometimes seem to stop you considering consequences to actions. Having ADHD can mean you take risks where others don't.

But you may have noticed that sometimes you can really focus and concentrate on something that absorbs your attention so it's not true that ADHD stops you concentrating on everything. If something does grab your attention then you can focus on it for hours!

ADHD on the increase

It seems that more and more people especially young boys are being diagnosed with ADHD. Whether this is due to increased diagnosis of ADHD, the fact that children are spending more time in front of TV and computer screens with their fast cutting or just to an increase in labeling is still undecided. Regardless of whether the diagnosis is real, the symptoms are, and this session will help you manage them.

Hunters in a Farmers world

Some researchers have even questioned whether ADHD is actually a disorder. They suggest that to experience ADHD is to be a hunter in a farmer's world. People with ADHD actually have talents and positive attributes that used in the right way and in the right place would be highly beneficial. Thom Hartman who wrote 'Attention Deficit Disorder - a Different Perception' talks about people with ADHD as follows: [People with 'ADHD' are] 'hunters totally focused on movement, constantly monitoring their environment and exhibiting incredible bursts of energy. Correctly approached these characteristics can be harnessed for positive outcomes.'

But people with ADHD find themselves in a sitting down world full of non-ADHD sufferers or 'farmers' who are slower, steadier and more cautious.

ADHD may have its uses

Sometimes it is useful, even essential, to be energetic, fast moving and taking calculated risks. Many great sports people and incredibly successful entertainers and entrepreneurs have become successful and fulfilled partly because of their hyperactivity, not despite it.

So ADHD may be something that needs to be reigned in and mastered rather than cured or got rid of.

What this Means in Regards to What We Do?

Proper hypnotherapy and professional relaxation sessions can have massive positive influences on children with ADD or ADHD. Rick has worked extensively with ADD children throughout his career and even conducted an official trial on the subject.

By initiating contact with the child's subconscious mind thorugh hypnosis and deep relaxation it is possible to help create more awareness of their actions and reactions to different circumstances. Through proper deep relaxation it is also beneficial in that it helps the child become more conscious of how they think at a deeper level and to help them process the ability to transition to the Beta Mind State automatically. It allows them to improve their focus, concentration and overall ability to more positively handle any given situation through control.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe for children with ADD or ADHD and much has been written, researched and trialed throughout the greater hypnotherapy and scientific communities. The benefits as a safe and positive alternative to other common treatments is starting to become very well recognized worldwide.

If you or someone you know has a child who suffers from ADD or ADHD then we recommend the following products:

Child Calm ADD-ADHD
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These titles are by no means the only titles for ADD or ADHD, as basically any of the CDs or MP3s in our "Children's Section" will instate deep relaxation and are of particular use.

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