Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Happiness and Self-Esteem

Monique H

I have used the Self Esteem and Happiness CD and loved it, I certainly feel the difference once I have listen to the CD

A Youthful You

Judy Driscoll

The changes I have noticed from using A Youthful You are interesting. I have started embracing technology with an attitude of `what the heck, give it a go`. This has meant that I am experimenting with programmes on the computer that had me petrified before, making the excuse that I will never need to use that programme, so lets not fiddle with it. I have enjoyed that change. I have started to...

Mens Sexual Performance


I've listened to the premature ejaculation CD for a week and half now and it is has definitely improved my performance. I used to last about 2 minutes now it is more like 10 minutes. I was a little perturbed about the long distance horse at first but it really seems to work

Quit Smoking



I’ve used your Quit Smoking CD and I’m happy to report that I haven’t smoked for 2 years now. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. I’m completely happy and amazed. I tell everyone I know how wonderfully this worked for me.

I have a question. I have a friend that has social avoidance disorder, so he’s scared of people and being rejected and being out in public....

A Sober Life (Alcoholism)


Quick update

I have already noticed a difference in Kathryns attitude and actions this week, more focused, calmer, making plans for medical appts etc, talking to her sister and me about her past, anger and depression etc and how best to work on herself. Went out last night and only had a few drinks, she said she just did not feel like any more, which is terrific and I am sure a result...

Personal Life Motivation

N. McKenna

Thank you very much for sending the CD of personal life motivation and the self esteem CD. I have been using that one and it’s great. I appreciate that very much.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happiness and Self-Esteem


Dear Rick,
Recently I bought one of your CDs and just after 2 days listening already can see a lot of positive changes. Those fast results impressed me so much that I’m thinking to become a hypnotherapist. Are you planning to do your course training in Melbourne in near future and if not could you please direct me or recommend a good hypnotherapy course in Melbourne.

Mind-Body Healing


Hi there Rick,
My name is Alisia and I am a mother of 2 fantastic boys. One unfortunately has been diagnosed with Low functioning Autism. I have been in and out of hospital for the whole 5 years since his birth, with all different problems, that are not related to his condition as such. We were given a cd of your from Sandra of Be Enchanted and asked to please try this type of healing...

Mind-Body Healing

Suzanne F

Ninety Steps: The Last Step Of The Journey Was Called Hypnosis

The other steps before hypnosis were named General Practitioners, 6 of those, Physicians, 3 of those, Natural Therapists, 12 of them, Psychiatrists, 2 of them, Masseuses, Reflexologists, Ozone Therapy Specialists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Health Farms, Ice Water Therapy, Meditation, Fifty sessions...

Mind-Body Healing

Kristen F

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your ‘Mind Body Healing’ CD for two weeks and it has definitely started to positively have an impact on me. As I told you on the phone, I’ve had problems with my immune system for 10 years since having glandular fever. Along with many food intolerances affecting my immune system, exercise lowers my resistance as well.

Last Friday I went for...

Mind-Body Healing

Natalie Spierenburg

“I Found A Miracle”

How often have I wished and prayed, that one day something could be found,
To make my life more bearable, my pain and anguish less profound,
Now after years of suffering, caused by pain and stress,
I’ve finally found my miracle, deep hypnotherapy no less,
An amazing set of CD’s produced , to help suffers who would,
Like me be grateful to...

Creating Abundance

L. Steed

Hi Rick,

I have recently been listening to your Abundance CD and have been enjoying it greatly. It is just about time for a new one (am thinking of going two, one in the morning, one at night) and wanted to ask a question.

I am a writer and part of writing means a whole lot of submissions, working with the law of the seed, so to speak. While I am leaning towards the Happiness and...

The Ultimate Cyclist


I purchased your ultimate cyclist cd last year from josh at liquid fitness and love it.

The Ultimate Cyclist

B. Corman


I purchased your Ultimate Cycling CD abut a week and a half ago and have listened to it on my ipod when I go to sleep each night. I did 3 rides this past long weekend and every one was great. Someone asked me what I had for breakfast one of the days! Of course, I can’t judge by one weekend, but I am impressed so far.

A bigger thing that affects my life is chronic tension...

Insomnia Cure


I have been listening to the Insomnia MP3 for a week or so now. I downloaded it just to check it out. I must thank you! I am asleep in no time at all. I think I only recall hearing the bit about the tomato plants once or twice (as I’m usually knocked out by then).

you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Love, Harmony & Peace

J Webber

I am not sure how long this website has been up but I have been looking for Ricks CDs for ages. I purchased a series of the Life Enhancement CD a few years ago whilst on holiday in Queensland and absolutely love them. I went out of my way to go back to the shop in Queensland that I got them from and was advised that they were not available anymore.

Creating Better Relationships


I have tried your life improvement cds and have had such amazing results it still continues to awe me. After years of counselling, alternative healing, self-help books, self-help/spiritual growth workshops, and anything else that’s on the new age market right now, I’ve never had such rapid, multi-faceted and remarkable results as I’ve gained from using your cds. They are truly a gift to the...

Happiness and Self-Esteem

Dental Fear Central has received some negative feedback about the dental phobia download from, so you might want to save your money on that one. Apparently, it’s very generalized and does nothing to deal with your specific fears. One hypnosis CD series which has been highly recommended is by Dr. Rick Collingwood, e. g. “Happiness and Self-Esteem”. Search for Rick...

No More Nailbiting

Gabrielle Mitchell

I have only been listening for two and a half weeks and already I have grown nails and cut down my smoking to one per day. I have been telling everybody about this and I think its the best thing this century.

Gabrielle Mitchell.
Hilton. W A

Stress Management


Dear Dr. Collingwood,

I couldn’t find an answer for this so I thought that I will email and ask. I am currently on an IVF program and I have been listening your Stress Management CD in regular basis before the treatment started. What I am wondering is that is it safe to listen also after the embryo transfer when waiting that pregnancy would hopefully start? I was just wondering if theta...