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Weight Loss & Appetite Control


Dear Dr. Collingwood,

You are my hero! After listening to you on Coast to Coast I purchased your Weight Loss MP3 and have been amazed of the results. In 2 months I have lost 20 pounds and feel in total control with no worries about what I eat.

After listening to your radio interview I found I am a good subject for all this because from the beginning I go into trance with out a...

Quit Smoking

Robyn Hughes

Hello Mr Collingwood I bought one of your CDs a few years ago to help quit smoking. I didn’t stop because I used the CD in bed and just went to sleep. Now I’m motivated again, but my CD player doesn’t work well and I wanted to use the tracks on my Ipod. The sleeve advises not to burn or copy it and claims that it may even be dangerous. Do I face any danger if I was to use an MP3 copy of the CD...

Enhance Your Calm

N Guerra

I have used the CD’s. I have used Enhance Your Calm 5 or 6 times and Happiness and Self Esteem once. I have (honestly) been blown away by both of them. When I was using Calm consistently I could tell a difference in my demeanor and even now being about 3 weeks removed from my last use still feel pretty mellow during times when anger used to take over. After I used Happiness and Self Esteem I...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control


Hi Rick.
I happen to see the ABC news show Tuesday night (here in the US).. Prime Time: Secrets of Your Mind series. This show featured a story about a woman who was obese and had to lose weight (or else !), so surgeons cracked open her skull, probed into her brain and stimulated the hypothalamus triggering a feeling of fullness or not being hungry. -- While she was wide awake!


Creating Better Relationships


I purchased a couple of CD’s, Super Memory and Relationship Confidence about 10 days ago. I am very impressed with the quality and would like to buy a number of other titles. I have been married 11 years and was under the impression that the Relationship Confidence tape would do focus on improving the relationships I have with spouse, family and friends. However, the Relationship Confidence CD...

Creating Better Relationships


Thank you Rick.

I cried last night during the relationships one and all this tension came up but it now seems like something has been removed from my brain. It is amazing. And I still think of the bag floating away with all the past stuff in it. Sorry if that seems a bit strange in description; but there is no doubt I am seeing the world differently. I have passed on your site to others...

Personal Life Motivation

Eugene O'Reilly

Rick I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing work, I have told so many people about you....My wife Jo and I have been listening to Creating abunance/ motivation diligently for a few years now and it has helped us immensely!!! I am about to release my first book entitled "Thank Ahead" in which I have mentioned you as an inspiration.
I will make sure you get a...

Mind-Body Healing

Liz S.

Rick rang me on my mobile number but I was in meditation at The Relaxation Centre at the time. I would like him to speak to me because I used his mind/body healing CD every night for 6 months and then whenever I couldn’t sleep. I have Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the right upper lung and in two ipsilateral mediastinal lymph nodes and in the bones. My latest PET scan showed the cancer was dead....

Healthy Kids

Scott Couzens

Scott Couzens Thanks Rick. My 5 y/o boy listens to you every night before he goes to sleep. It has made a huge impact in his attitude towards eating... he asks for the green stuff now because it is healthy! Thank you tremendously for helping us achieve this turn-around in his thinking. I am also happily surprised to see that you ar...e a Perth boy. Would love to coffee if you ever get a spare...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control


Just to let you know I first purchased the Weightloss and Apetite CD about 3 weeks ago and am on the last stage of the program as instructed. My mind has not felt better, lighter, stronger and somehow happier in a very very long time. In a matter of 2 weeks I joint the gym, do 2-3 indoor cycling classes a week, walk around my local park regularly, I have that ' lift' in my step that...

Quit Smoking


I am pleased to say I have started using the CD. Since March last year I have suffered severe depression and an illness the doctors and specialists are yet to find an answer for. I feel as though I have become a guinea pig and a pin cushion at their disposal. I have been given numerous antidepressants from doctors and specialists from then until a few months ago when I decided myself to be...

Stress Management

C. Bishop

Hi Rick

Many thanks for your reply which was of great help to me.

I already have about five of your CD’s and I am just about to make an on-line order for one of Tania’s CD’s for my wife and one of your titles for myself. I think that they are terrific works.

Many thanks and my best regards

Happiness and Self-Esteem

C. Mickan


I am just writing to request my free hypnosis CDs from Rick’s show at Osborne last week. My fiance’ and I were both there. Can we please get the super memory and super sports performance CDs, as i’m sure Rick said it was one CD per person. Please address them to: [address] .

Thanks again for a fantastic session. I have been using the happiness and self-esteem CD that Sue...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control

P Morris

I don’t know if this is the correct place to send such a comment as I wish to praise Mr Collingwood on his great product.

Six weeks ago I was feeling unwell, I thought i had a UTI but after tests the Dr told me that I had no UTI but extremely high blood sugar and was on the verge of Type II Diabetes. Although I am overweight I had no idea that it was this bad. I was told that I had to...

Personal Life Motivation


Just an update on the effects of the Personal Motivation CD.

I am on day 22 and am feeling the changes bit by bit in terms of being motivated. However, in terms of the physical me, I feel a whole heap better. Most of my stress manifests itself into something physical so having less tension has been awesome for me (and I suspect for those around me - hee)The CD says to listen to the full...

Super Selling

Terry Sullivan

HI Im terry sullivan , I am trying to contact Dr Rick Collingwood, I have recently been using his sales motivation hypnosis CD WOW ,my sales have soared in just 2 weeks I would like to see if Dr collingwood could make me a cd Specifically for telephone sales.

Can you please pass his contact details to me.

Memory Improvement


To Rick Collingwood,

I have always had a problems with remembering how to spell words.

My doctor, Dr Igor Tabrizian from Nutrition Review Service recommended that I try one of your Personal Hypnotherapy CD.

I have for several days been listening to your super memory CD and have noticed a difference. I don't now how it works but I seem to be remembering how to spell...

Insomnia Cure

T. O’Neill

I have been using Rick Collingwood CD for Insomnia with great results after many years of not sleeping.

Beating Marijuana Addiction


Thank you for the down-load information, I’ll keep it in mind. I did purchase your ADD/ADHD for the little girl, and her mother reports that she is sleeping better. I’ve also had a very rapid result with a marijuana addict of 26 years. I gave her your Beating Marijuana Addiction CD; Meridian Energy tapping techniques for anger management at home; in session tapping for her childhood abuse, and...

Overcoming Limitations

Mark M Montana

Hi Rick,

I just had a long phone conversation with Becky Smith, Logan’s mom. She is extremely grateful for the hypnosis recordings you gave them. Logan’s nausea has subsided significantly since he began listening. She said he loves to listen to them, and they put him to sleep every night. His mental attitude has improved and his resolve to win this battle has increased. She says he...