Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Quit Smoking

Mark McConville

I have just recently used your Stop Smoking CD with great success! I am a professional Stand Up Comedian and at 36 years of age had been smoking since I was in my early teens. I had tried everything over the past couple of years to give up, all to no avail. Until I happened along your CD while I was in Melbourne. I’m proud to say that I am currently on day 39 without a ciggy, and I feel...

Happiness and Self-Esteem


Hi I have been using the life improvement cd for a few months now and its great, it took a while for it to sink into my brain but I am still actively using it at night when I go to bed.

What I want to know is do you have hypnosis cd’s for learning new languages, I would love to learn Italian and I heard from someone that hypnosis might help, well it cant hurt anyhow.

Any help...

Insomnia Cure

Dorothy C

Dear Rick
I thinkI can call you dear as you have solved my deprivation of sleep for many months . I was privileged to find your tape cd where I shop and it was terrific I managed 3 hrs in bed the rest I spent on reclining chair as I have been doing these past months .

I have many health problems and have been on medication for years . Thankyou for your soothing voice I now have no...

Mind-Body Healing

Sandra P

I was reading your web page and noticed you had done a study on hypnosis with cancer patients back in 2005. I am wondering if you will be doing another one, as I would like to be part of a study if you do decide to do another one.

I was diagnosed with an adrenal and para aortic metastisis in August 2006. My oncologist gave me 12 to 18 months and said that chemo and radiation was not...

Creating Abundance


My husband and I are amazed with the results we have seen over the last 60 days by incorporating Rick’s CDs into our nightly routine. Prior to the Happiness and Self-Esteem CD, my husband was a bit of a recluse. He was very uncomfortable and reserved around strangers. Last weekend we were out together at our community pool area and he began introducing me to people he had met in the...

Insomnia Cure

Deanna M.

Firstly, thank you for my improved sleep. It’s amazing how quickly it’s working.

One question though, can you listen to more than 1 program at a time? As in can I listen to the insomnia cd and the pain free cd over the same period?

Quit Smoking

M. Potts

It is with much pleasure that I find myself writing to you this afternoon.

I purchased your Quit Smoking CD on the 23-8-2006 and began using the program on the 28-8-2006. It would be very difficult to find the words that could describe how very grateful I am that you had the foresight to record your sessions onto CD. Today I am up to Day 10 and have noticed some amazing changes in how I...

Insomnia Cure


Well, I feel fine and am doing good. My reaction is somewhat different to what I had expected. At least I feel that I am wide awake during the complete session. I remember every word and am not asleep when the CD is through. After listening to the CD, I then turn around and it takes me a few minutes and I am fast asleep. This already is a huge improvement, since I used to spend hours being...

Quit Smoking

Mark S

Mark S here asking you for a bit of advice on cd selection and also to say thanks for helping me to overcome the ugly habit of smoking with the use of your STOP SMOKING CD, i have been listening to it for 3 weeks now and cant beleive how it has helped me to give up so easily.

Happiness and Self-Esteem


I have two of your CD’s and have been using the Happiness and Self-Esteem for the past five days and have already noticed a huge difference. I have suffered from severe depression, chronic migraines and panic attacks for 10 years and today because of your CD’s I was even motivated to do the gardening(rather pull out weeds!) and THAT has never happened!!

The question is am I able to use...

Child Calm ADD - ADHD

G. Sheehan

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to share with you some very positive feedback.

I had a lady who came to see me as she was addicted to the softdrink Lift, after 1 session she hasn’t had it since!!!!

While she was seeing me she mentioned the problems she was having with her 10year old son, he is ADD and see’s a councillor in Perth, I suggested she take your Child calm Cd, she took my...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control


Please excuse the delay it getting this to you. Not like me but since we spoke life has been very hectic to say the least. We discussed my writing a testimonial with regard to my successful weight loss using Rick’s CD.

The light joke is that he is the only man I have been on my bed with in a very long time. (No offence intended). That’s because I lie on top of the bed and use the...

Weight Loss & Appetite Control


Personally I’ve lost nearly 10 kgs and feel wonderful. I have shared your CDs with my partner and friends, and they too are enjoying the benefits in various areas…eg., Stress Management; Self Esteem; and Abundance!

Creating Abundance


I'd like to say how much of a fan I am of your work!! Thank you so much for your CD's, they’re fantastic - I've used the Weight Loss and Abundance CDs so far and they've work for me! I've also got my friends copies of your CD’s and you are changing their lives too!

Super Selling

Daniel Ballard

Thanks very much for that Sales motivation CD, I’ve read heaps of sales books before but nothing has worked like this! I read all the books and I tend to forget parts, but with this it has naturally become part of my way of life, I’ve only listened to it four times, imagine when I’ve finished!

Anyway, appreciate it heaps man. I had a look at your website and I’m going to order a few...

Pain Free

Marie Browning

Dear Dr Collingwood,

First of all let me apologise for the time taken to get back to you re; the fibromyalgia CD you were kind enough to send to me. Unfortunately family concerns have not allowed me to respond as soon as I would have liked to do so.

Dr Collingwood, your CD has truly been a heaven sent gift, as only sufferers of this chronic pain disease could understand after...

Happiness and Self-Esteem

Daniel Arnold

It has been about six months since I first started to feel not quite right. I did not know what was wrong just thought my body was mucking up. As a result of the anxiety I was suffering, my digestive system started to shut down. Then I started to worry about that also. I also suffered depression for a short while. As a result I had considerable weight loss, and started several treatment...

Child Calm ADD - ADHD

Nicki M

Hello Rick

I have been meaning to contact you for ages, last year I had a baby and suffered insomnia, at first I was euphoric because everything went so well then as the months went on and baby slept well I, still could not sleep. YOUR CD SAVED ME (from going crazy). I loved your insomnia cure. Thank you so much for taking sleeping problems so seriously, now we all sleep through the...

Stress Management

D. Green

I have been using several of your cd's and i find them excellent. I have the weight loss, life potential and stress management cd. I find them much more powerful and effective than others i have tried.

Stress Management


First of all, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude. I have been using the Stress Management Cd for a few months now and haven’t been sleeping this well in the past 20 years. In my case I would assume I have a “superactive” mind which wakes me up even at nights, feeling like my thoughts are going 160km/h straight after opening my eyes. This has mainly stopped since starting to use your Cd...