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Health & Healing


The CDs are really good. I used the turn back time CD and I sleep so much better, wake up and have so much more energy and am so focused that it is scary. Also I haven't had a problem with my arthritis now too. And a couple of people I the last few weeks telling me I look younger. Usually people say you look like in your in my mind mid 40's but now they said I look like around 35. It...

Personal Life Motivation


I have purchased 5 of your CD’s and I am currently working my way through them. Personal Life Motivation is very good and very quick.

Quit Smoking


Dear Rick and the whole Mind Motivations Team:

In 2010 I came upon your site after listening to an interview you did on Coast to Coast. Rick - you seemed like someone I was philosophically attuned with, so I downloaded the free MP3 at that time to see what it was all about.

I liked it, and being a cigarette smoker, I decided to purchase your Quit Smoking mp3. I listened to it a...

Mind-Body Healing


Thank you so much Rick. I have done about 1 month of Mind and Body CD and have switched to Happiness Confidence & Self Esteem CD VOL 5 on September 1st. Given your info, I am on the way to achievement.

I do have much childhood pain (I am 46 y.o.) and are aware I have, due to this, an additive personality which leads to being a bit controlling. I am currently working on this as well...

A Youthful You

Erick Guerrero

Hi Dr. Collingwood,
I am one of your avid followers. I have been blessed with your work. Your work has done wonders in my life and for this I am very thankful. I have tried and successfully witnessed the wonders of your cds like Happiness and self-esteem, public speaking, youthful you and overcoming fears (for my son).

Thank you very much and more power!

Enhance Your Intuition


My name is Jayme and I would like to Thank You for your wonderful cd’s you have made available to us. I have your psychic development and your lose weight cds.

A Sober Life (Alcoholism)

Clair Harrison

Since I last contacted you I have lost 6 kilos!!! I also have been listening to Ricks sober c.d. every single day. I must admit I am finding it hard to kick the chardy habit but I have noticed I am thinking differently about what I am doing. I need you to know that since reading your book I have changed the way I think about things, I was in such a rut and after reading your book twice! I was...

Autism 3 Pack

Carol Lean

Hi Rick,
I want to personally thank you, years ago I had regular appointments with you in your suite in Brisbane for hypnotherapy and you helped me on so many levels, when you released your CD's etc I purchased them and have been using them regularly, after what results my family and friends saw, my friends have used them, my husband uses them and my mildly autistic son uses your...

Mind-Body Healing

Tim O'Reily

Hi Rick,
I've been using your mind body healing mp3 since June this year. I started using it along with kefir as I had a bad Crohn's flare up. Within a week the pain had gone and I have been weening myself off the drugs since then (Under doctors supervision of course).
I'm very happy with your mp3.

Mind-Body Healing


We are so blessed to be introduced to the unbelievable power of your Hypnotherapy sessions via your Mind Body Healing and A Youthful You CDs. No one really can understand the power of this until they experience it. I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure (mostly due to the side effects of immuno-suppressant drugs from a liver transplant in 2003) and my health was eteriorating rapidly....

Super Selling

Grant H

Hi Doc, Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful cds. I have completed both the sales and abundance cds over the last few months and have experienced significant positive changes in my life since using them. My life went through a pretty bad stretch a few years ago and I spent a lot of time reading and trying to learn how to put things back together. Your cds have been...

Insomnia Cure

N. Holton

I bought your Insomnia Cd and cant be more happier with it. However there is one bit that I wish you would have left out and that is the end when you click your fingers and tell us to wake up or go back to sleep. I wake up and cant go back to sleep at that point. So I have had to chop that bit off. I have Chronic fatigue Syndrome and wake several times thru the night. I cant go back to sleep...

Mind-Body Healing

Judy Driscoll

The Mind-Body Healing CD has helped with my gall bladder problem of twenty eight years. After playing it just a few times I woke up one morning with the overwhelming feeling that I would not have another attack. Of course, I was sceptical. I had controlled the attacks for many years by modifying my diet, and by doing a regular gall bladder cleanse, but the condition had deteriorated to where I...


Judith Sharpe

Two weeks ago I started using the hypnosis tape Diabetes. At first I used it when I woke, when I went to bed and as my diabetes made me just so tired I was having 2 sometimes 3 naps a day. So I listened to the tape each time I napped. How did I hear about the tape?

I brought the weight reduction one 8 years ago and never used it. Recently I came across it and I read the enclosed list...

Energy Boost!


Hello, Rick!

I heard you speak in The Aware Show and I would like to thank you very much for that enlightening talk. I really learned a lot from you. May you continue to help more people. More power.

Pain Free


Hi Rick,
Hope you remember me. Ryan had helped me with my purchase,and you had asked me to contact me after a few weeks of trying the CD'S.First off,I have to say this connection was made in part to Coast to Coast.But what blows me away is 5 to 8 years ago I got a tattoo on the back of my neck.It's a Tibetian poem and my mantra.In short "when the mind and body are one,...

Creating Abundance


The Intuition and Quit Smoking MP3s came through like a champ. Imagine... all the way from Australia to Florida. Wish I could travel down for a visit that quick! The Body Toning one isn't critical and will wait awhile longer to see if the CDs arrive maybe this week. Please pass along to Dr. Collingwood that myself and my husband are seeing AMAZING results with the motivational and younger...

Personal Life Motivation


Dear Rick,
I just listened to you on Coast to Coast AM last week- and right away Idownloaded the free mp3. I have to say that after only two sessions I am feeling totally great, light as a feather. So many subtle changes are happening within in me already. I intend on getting the weight loss CD, however, through listening to this one I have noticed that my food cravings have literally...

Power Nap!

Damon McCoy

Rick my wife and I just finished the MP3 I downloaded. This is truly remarkable. In all my years I have never had a experience like this. Heard you on C2C. I just started as a Hospics Chaplain in Oregon USA. I will be looking for others to download soon.

Blessings, Damon McCoy

Creating Abundance


I really enjoy the "Creating Abundance" CD. Really get a lot out of it. I play it 2 or 3 times a day. It really kicks in the 2nd time.