Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Insomnia Cure

Judie Driscoll

As soon as I started using the Insomnia Cure my sleeping improved dramatically. Instead of tossing and turning all night and getting about two and a half hours sleep per night several nights per week I am sleeping deeply, and for longer periods of time. It is rare not to have six or seven hours of refreshing sleep each night now.

Enhance Your Intuition


thx Guys, had to purchase this for one of my friends, has gone into AF, atrial fib after breakup, using Homeopathy and your fab tape should speed up healing process. After using INTUITION, in 6 weeks i have grown another brain it is fantastic, have had amazing patient insites and seeing things i could not see before so thank you

Happiness and Self-Esteem


I have purchased Vol 1 Happiness through Self esteem and find I feel so much better in myself and a lot more positive. I would like to purchase the Sales Motivation CD but there seems to be different editions or titles of it available on different sites on the net. As well I wondered if you can use both simultaneously or only use one at a time? Could you please let me know as I...

ToolBox 4 Life

Jacqui Dornan

An amazingly insightful and thought provoking read. I am a therapist myself and after reading this book I decided to include it for every one of my clients as part of my program to help them. It enables and empowers the reader to review their life, no matter what stage of life they are at and make the decision to enhance their life utilising the tools that are included in the book to have the...

Mind-Body Healing

Bob S

Hey Rick,

First, some wonderful news. I had a PET Scan on Friday and an MRI of my brain on Sunday and today I got the results -- the cancer has not spread from the right lung! My body and brain are cancer-free!

So in the next two or three weeks I will have my right lung removed, followed by (I think) one treatment of Chemotherapy just in case anything is hiding in the thoracic...

Cancer Relief


I just bought your cancer hypnosis MP3 and was so moved when I saw that you offer it for free for people who are having tough financial times that I just had to say "thank you" and tell you how moved I was to see that you do that for people. I was just diagnosed a week ago and I'm hoping my financial problems are a year or more away but knowing that you donate your product(s)...

Creating Better Relationships


Hi guys i must say that your inspirtional hpynosis sessions have really helped me a lot, i have tryed every form of healing over the years and found yours 10 fold over every thing else. Have been listening to ricks creating better relation ships combined with giovarnis clinical deppression and supercontousness mp3s, keep up the incredible work lads cheers - Barry

The Ultimate Cyclist

Tom Staniford

Hi Rick,

I'm hoping that you remember me. I'm Tom Staniford the young deaf cyclist you met at a hotel in London in December 2008. You gave me some CDs and we had a 1-on-1 session.I'm writing to you because I felt it was about time to give you an update!

Since seeing you almost 3 years ago a lot has changed. If you remember, I was speaking to British Cycling about...

PTSD & Anxiety


Hi Rick,

My name is Richard. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada now a citizen of Australia living here in Melbourne. I've been here in Australia since 2002. I like it here. Since February 2011, I used your hypnotherapy cd and it is working great. It took a lot of the anxiety and stress levels out. I listen to it every night before I go to sleep. I always find a spot on the roof and...

ToolBox 4 Life

Laura Nobel

The book is helping me so much.... I read the first fifty pages last week n the strangest thing happened to me. Back in 7th grade I was Beverly depressed I had no friends n this girl became friends with me n everyone became friends with me. Needless to say I had a dream about her I was helping her getting ready in her wedding dress and she gave me purple eatings....I looked her in the eyes n...

Happiness and Self-Esteem


Thanks for the early response..I started with self-esteem and abundance cds together in the night time and in a repeat mode and its working very well for me,because its just 2 nights of listening and 1 unexpected oppurtunity opened up and if everything goes well,I will recieve an amount equal to 1000 US Dollars within 10-15 days..This raised my hope abt these CDs that they will definitely...

Insomnia Cure

Kaye Downer

It was nice talking to you this morning. I got a surprise to hear you were in Perth, I thought you were in Brisbane. I work at a Psychiatric Clinic (Osborne Park) and had asked one of our psychologists a few weeks ago if she could recommend someone who did hypnotherapy. I was desperate to find someone to help me with my insomnia. I went to a private psychologist for a couple of sessions and...

Fear & Panic Free

Jean Elderton

I have just returned from a trip to Europe where I stayed in high rise hotels, went on a chair lift to the top of the Isle of Capri, travelled through a tunnel approx 14 kms long through a mountain and never had a problem.
I am 65 years old and as long as I can remember I have never been able to do any of the above things. I would panic and hyperventilate. If only I had found you years...

Public Speaking


Hypnotherapy has been an amazing tool of transformation for me personally. I first began having private hypnotherapy sessions several years ago. I was so impressed with my progress that I began to study it . I now realise that it is the only way to reach the deepest recesses of the mind. We are all hypnotised by our environment daily. We are deeply influenced by everything we see and...

Mind-Body Healing


Just thought I'd let you know Doc, I had all my lower teeth pulled in one day. without the mind body healing secession I would have been begging the dentis to stop. it was amazing. don't know if you've targeted dentist with your marketing but I have one who witnessed first hand the power of your practice. I did have shots for pain not half as many as it took to do ony 4 teeth...


Steve Canale

I bought the tinntus mp3, before I started listening to it the ringing and noises in my ears stressed me that much that I had to drink my self to sleep, causing weight gain , lack of sleep, and always stressed out,I want to Really thank you Giovanni, Wow I have listen to the mp3 twice now, I am not focusing on the noise it has reduced and I feel I am in control now, I can switch it off, I am...

Creating Abundance


I used the Abundance CD and doubled my income after only 7 weeks. Before I used this CD I had tried all types of other abundance programs with no luck until now – Rick’s CDs really do work and I have since purchased other titles and they have all been life changing for me.

Child Calm ADD - ADHD


I have purchased the ADHD CD for my son and have found it to be good in calming him in the morning and keeping him focused on getting ready for school. The CD is played on repeat all night.

Public Speaking


Now for my expreience and you can use it as a testimonial if you wish. I was asked to give a talk and demonstration. If you want to get ahead you cannot decline when opportunity comes knocking. So I accpeted the honour with gratitude. Immediately I started having panic attacks and dreaded visions of what would happen that evening. I imagined myself freezing, getting tongue tied etc. Once...

Happiness and Self-Esteem

Andrew W

Absolutely brilliant. I have been diagnosed as a manic depressive for many years. Since August my life has completely changed by listening to Dr Collingwoods Happiness And Self Esteem CD. I have lost 23 kilos of excess fat, I have completely quit 18 years of smoking 25 cigarettes a day ( 14 weeks now ) and I feel happy and balanced. I thank you eternally Dr Collingwood, you have given me my...