Women's Range

The albums presented below have been specifically designed to address issues common to women. With this in mind we have created and sourced programs that provide support, assistance and personal growth across a wide range of areas.

Are you aware of what it might be that is keeping you having fulfilling relationships?

Do you lack the self-confidence to attract the partner into your life that you truly deserve?

Do you feel guilty just because you want to be more than just a mother, more than just a lover, more than just whatever it is that others expect you to be?

This does not have to be your destiny!

Perhaps you wish to rekindle the flame of romance in your life. Maybe you desire to discover the inner goddess and experience the sacred feminine animating the soul of the world.

Perhaps you'd like to enhance the prospects of bringing new life into this world or maybe you need some support through the completely natural and understandable experience of post-natal depression.

You can do all this and more.

Choose from one of the titles below and step through into healing and fulfilment.