Suzanne Teng

Suzanne is a gifted new age/world music flutist, multi-instrumentalist & composer. She has won many awards for her music, including candidacy for a Grammy Award for 'Best New age Album'. Suzanne's music has a very unique style, blending components of world music, new age music, meditation music & classical.

Musical Qualifications

Suzanne Teng, M. Mus, received her master’s degree in music from Boston University’s School for the Arts. She then furthered her graduate studies at UCLA’s Department of Ethnomusicology where she completed the coursework for the Ph.D. focusing on music and healing.

Awards & Accreditation

  • Billboard Magazine Critic’s Choice Award
  • Winner of the 2006 International Acoustic Music Awards (Instrumental Division)
  • Winner 2005 & 2001 Independent Music Awards (Best New Age Artist)
  • Finalist for 2005 Independent Music Awards (Best World Music Artist)
  • Music Connection Magazine’s HOT 100 several years in a row
  • Nomination for the 2006 Just Plain Folks Awards/Best Asian Song
  • Nomination 2004 Just Plain Folks Awards/Best Instrumental Album
  • Nomination New Age Voice Magazine’s Best Acoustic Instrumental & Best Contemporary World Music
  • Candidacy for a Grammy nomination for Best New Age album

Instruments Played by Suzanne

  • Indian bansuri
  • Indonesian Sulin
  • panpipes
  • Turkish ney and zurna
  • Pennywhistles
  • C Flute
  • Alto, Bass & Contrabass Flutes
  • Piccolo
  • Dizi (China)
  • Recorders
  • Native American flute
  • Ocarinas
  • Flutes from Africa & Europe
  • Double reed instruments from Egypt
  • Percussion & Vocals

Movies, Shows & Groups

Suzanne's musical talents have been featured on may major Movies, TV shows and advertising campaigns. She has also worked with some major musical groups. Here are just a few...

  • The Grey Zone
  • The Kid Stays in the Picture
  • Ice Bound
  • Miss Spider
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Boston Philharmonic
  • Los Angeles Pops Orchestra
  • Tito Puente
  • California Tan
  • Murder She Wrote
  • 300 - the movie
  • Big Bully
  • Separate Lives
  • Baby
  • Green Dragon
  • Kenny Loggins
  • Babatundi Olatunji
  • Airto and Flora Purim
  • The Dramatics
  • Survivor II final episode
  • NBC’s America’s Got Talent
  • Law & Order
  • Boston Legal
  • Pepsi

Suzanne has also personally played for the Dalai Lama on two occasions, and has traveled the world playing concerts on almost every continent in front of hundreds of thousands of people.