Hypnosis for After Break Ups

Compose Yourself After Break Ups - Lovers or Other Relationships

This session contains advanced hypnosis techniques to help put your mind at rest. Breaking Up is always a rollercoaster of emotions and self reflection. Override these negative feelings with happier thoughts and reflect on what you learnt from the experience instead of what you lost.

Author Giovanni shares with you the same techniques helped him through these tough times. The recording, and the relaxing voice and music it contains, will help take you away from any negative thoughts and 'switch your mind off' for instant relief. With consistent use it will then reshape the way you view and think about the experience and give you the tools to move forward.

Contains Suggestions to Help

  • Resolve the emotions and ‘who was right and wrong’
  • Override any negative emotions or feelings you have
  • Stop over thinking about the experience
  • Help you get on your feet and move forward
  • Give you understanding to improve on your next relationship
  • Or… help fix the same relationship (if it is the right choice for you)
  • Re-build self esteem and self worth

After using this MP3 you will begin to notice very strong shifts in your consciousness and emotions. You should instantly feel more balanced and ready to start the healing process.

Hypnosis Details

Voice: Male, Australian - Giovanni Lordi
Background Sounds: Binaural beats, bells, trance tones
Trance level: 7Hz Theta to 4Hz Delta
Subliminals: Yes
"I am worthy, I am a champion, I am a winner, feel good, confident, I can, I will, I do it, live in the moment, happy, confident, charisma, understanding, more aware"

MP3 Specifications

Files/Tracks: (available for individual download unzipped)

  • 01. Introduction.mp3 (5mins - 6MB)
  • 02. Hypnosis Session.mp3 (48mins – 55MB)
  • Important Instructions.pdf (PDF – 2MB)

*** For convenience the MP3s are NOT zipped & you can download/play them directly on your computer, phone or IPad. ***

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