Shamanic Trance

Shamanic Music to Achieve Deep Trance

* Available on CD (Shipped) or MP3 Download

This album was inspired by the the shamanic cultures of Hawaii, North & South America, Egypt & Australia. The music contains a combination of a repeating percussive heartbeat, Egyptian flute, trance tones & light percussion. It creates a wonderful hypnotic-like effect, perfect to help achieve very deep states of meditation.

On this album is one 38 minute track, designed to be listened to from start to finish as you embark on a profoundly deep listening journey. Throughout your journey the soundscapes around you will evolve as the different instruments and melodies take you into another world. Here you may feel a close connection to the ancient shamanic cultures on your quest towards you own inner discovery.

This music is designed to take you into deep levels of trance. For this reason it is perfect to use for meditation, self-hypnosis, kundalini and anything else where deep relaxation is necessary.

The MP3s can be downloaded & played directly on your IPad, IPhone, Android or other mobile device.
Shamanic Trance
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Approx 38mins
01 - Shamanic Trance Music
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